Trump Has Been Permanently Banned from Twitter

Published on January 12, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, January 11.

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  • Gypsy SnickerDoodle 2 months ago

    I really thought they’d hit the ground running this week, but I’m sensing some writer burnout

  • Daniel Gehring 2 months ago

    Alright guys, this is our chance to shine! Let’s get out there and snatch up Tonald_Drump, TheRealDonny130k, and all the other Twitter handles that Trump might try to worm his way back onto Twitter with!

  • Paul J. Morton 2 months ago

    Uh, what? This week marks the one-year anniversary of identifying the coronavirus? Isn’t the disease called COVID-19 because it was identified in 2019? So the one-year anniversary shoul’ve already been a few weeks ago. Or was the disease identified separately from the virus itself?

  • Pioneer Nut 2 months ago

    No mask sub ride.. Well USA, you’re going to reach 1mln deaths soon

  • Danni 2 months ago

    I laughed SO hard when I heard trump was banned from Twitter… for life, I had tears running down my eyes.
    I would have loved being a fly on the wall when he heard that news.
    If only someone would have secretly recorded it.

  • Bandit Rider 2 months ago

    Trump is a Psychopath. He is, as we have seen, capable of anything. Before Biden moves into the White House, the building and all that Biden will use, including everything that Trump has shared, or had access to, access that was either direct or indirect; must be physically examined for threat to Biden, Harris., and all others. Trump is a cold blooded killer. And definitely not above revenge.

  • Rebel Alliance 2 months ago


  • VictorG9 2 months ago

    Matt gatez: I ran out of old spice

  • Grady Gilberto 2 months ago

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  • C C 2 months ago

    For- the elite and the globalist press, entering the capitol is more serious than looting, destruction, and ideological imposition by groups such as antifa or BLM. Why? Because you as a citizen are worth nothing. You are a pawn on the board. It is acceptable and normal for BLM and antifa to rob stores, destroy communities, attack and force others to get on their knees in a sectarian and humiliating way (they are political groups in favor of the regime) But it is not acceptable for globalist politicians to be attacked by the pawns on the board. We patriots do not have the media and Hollywood billionaires promoting our ideas. Nor do we have the large multinationals and social networks on our side. Who really are the revolutionaries? We patriots are the true revolution, everything else is fashion….

  • Patrick Berndt 2 months ago

    Difficult. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right that must not be regulated by corporations but the law.

  • Chatty Cathy 2 months ago

    Careful what you wish for. You might get it.

  • Nic Hall 2 months ago

    I have to agree with Angela Merkel that banning Trump from Twitter is not the answer much as Trump is a despicable and vile human being. It’s a very slippery slope towards censorship China style where anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative is banned or worse. I honestly don’t know the answer because freedom of speech comes with responsibility not to use it to abuse it. In the UK at Speakers Corner people can come and say anything they want, including hate speech and worse. It’s a way for people to let off steam. Does anyone have any constructive ideas on how not to impose censorship but at the same time impose the rule of law?

  • ra to 2 months ago

    what happened to the captain?

  • Felicity Halsey 2 months ago

    Without Twitter he’s dying alive inside 😆

  • Ken Hayes 2 months ago

    It isn’t over yet – Last week was dry run for Trump & his loyalists in both law enforcement & the military – Next up will be civil unrest right across the nation at which point Trump will try to declare martial law!

  • Michael Fleming 2 months ago

    Late Night should sell tickets for the opportunity to win that framed cue card and donate the money.

  • Face Octopus 2 months ago

    I forgot that Cue card guy had a sponge glued to his face shield. Heh.

  • mico IsiraIsir 2 months ago

    I’m Alone 😍😥

  • Thatblackfeline 2 months ago

    So are they going to put that framed cue card up on the wall somewhere in the building?


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