Trump Hands a PR Victory to Kim Jong-un | The Daily Show



  • Be1smaht 3 years ago

    Rocket man ain’t so little after all

  • Naumi Ty 3 years ago

    What’s going on in this world ??

  • El Classico 3 years ago

    Lets see Kim and Trump dance kiki plz

  • Definitely a George Soros funded bot 3 years ago

    I mean what do you expect from a wannabe dictator

  • Luthien Seldomane 3 years ago

    Ironic that Kim Jong-un probably wants glorification more than anything else… now he has it. Yeah let’s give Trump a Nobel. <---(sarcasm)

  • suga libra 3 years ago

    Political Army right here who loves u

  • Cantona F 3 years ago

    Who said that, the last IDIOT is not born yet?

    Kim jun is the only Fat person in N- Korea and Trump think his ppl love him.
    Wat da fuck is wrong with Trump.

  • 속청아카데미 3 years ago

    thin 벙져~

  • soumil s 3 years ago

    The Look

  • FtL Battusai 3 years ago

    Kim’s people dont love him they fear him for good reasons.

  • Annabelle-Sara Gomoko 3 years ago

    We have those running guards in my country too… oh i’m African sooo! It’s normal!

  • AMY INDI 3 years ago

    K pop means Killing

  • Tom vikson 3 years ago

    even though the deal is weak , it absolutely doesnt mean that the meeting had achieved nothing . Korea north and south and the whole east asia had gotten a small chance of peace , still much better than constant threat of nuclear war , China had to lay low and pressured Kim into the meeting , but instead of getting some leverages from that , China got trade tariff and a hard economic war coming ahead like a sucker punch . American military exercise in south Korea doesn’t mean shits , in fact Trump just saved America hundreds of billions by flexing will power instead of trying to threaten North Korea by war games wasting bullets men powers and most of all money for nothing or worse , the opposite results when Kim became more aggressive and launched a bunch of missile around Asia . America never agree to withdraw troops from South Korea , the THAAD missile defense system is still getting installed and will stay in Korea and American allies in the region , which is absolutely the greatest threat for China ‘s power . Even if Trump decide to withdraw American troops from South Korea , it is still a good thing , South Korean army can totally take on North Korea , and they should be allowed autonomy self determination to defense their own country in case of war . After all South Korea is an Ally , they are not an American protectorate , colony or an American puppet state , US should stay back and support allies instead of fighting other people ‘s war entirely .

  • DMC1 3 years ago

    “lil kim”

  • Dhanashri Kakade 3 years ago

    This is what happends when you are friends with Kaniye west ??????????????????????????????????????

  • Yasmine Bens 3 years ago

    Why do North Korea and Iran have to give up nuclear and not USA ? Why does USA parenting all countries ? Doesn’t choc anywone ?!

  • freakedyouout 3 years ago

    Best comedy ever

  • Nihle Igleca 3 years ago

    I cannot even imagine how people who sacrificed their lives to fight for democracy would have reacted to this, a so-called leader of the free world defending and appreciating the most ruthless dictator in recent human history……

  • Mlondolozi Mbambo 3 years ago

    Even if I didn’t know a thing about kim, that look after trumps fat joke would’ve convinced me that , he’s a killa


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