Trump Goes Out On A Limb, Predicts Khashoggi Is Dead

Published on October 18, 2018

Donald Trump theorized that Jamal Khashoggi might be dead as if no one had considered that before.

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  • Colton Nelson 6 months ago

    No one cares if you are first

  • Sinister Minister 6 months ago

    4 firsts? That’s a first.😂😂😂😂

  • kimberly s 6 months ago

    Just sent in my ballot. BLUE WAVE.

  • Dwayne Tayrien 6 months ago

    Let’s give Saudi Arabia a few more days to investigate/cover up the incident.

  • Matthew Snider 6 months ago

    Obviously Trump is an unethical human dumpster-fire, but his reaction to this situation really has revealed his true colors, particularly on the heels of his utter capitulation to Putin and downright disturbing fawning toward Kim Jong-Un. Put simply, he values genocidal dictators, repressive theocratic regimes, and authoritarian governance more than US intelligence agencies, human rights, or fundamental morality.

  • Kim Jong Fun 6 months ago

    “But is murder really such a crime??” – Trump & Rudy Giuliani

  • Paul Ramos 6 months ago

    Pat Robertson of the 700 Club: evangelist, conservative, racist, misogynist…while preaching the word of Jesus…sigh.

  • Christopher Black 6 months ago

    How hasn’t the president fired by sheer ineptitude already? We really need more “checks and balances” in our system that’s supposed to have checks and balances built in…

  • Jay Zenitram 6 months ago

    Damnit Colbert, I almost choked laughing at that picture of the muppets (and the two furry dolls underneath).

  • SliverTheSpoony01 6 months ago

    Pat Robertson needs to die already and meet God so God can slap him upside his stupid head! Where in the Bible did Jesus say we should sell swords to our friends even if they use them to commit acts of murder and mutilation?

    Just a little dark humor.

  • jenpenn22 6 months ago

    I just love watching the supposedly prolife, Christian right throw away their moral high ground for money and wins.

  • Jazzy Jazz. Norwegian Eagle 6 months ago

    Most people don’t know that this Saudi royal shit family is the Bane of every decent Muslim/Arab/Middel Eastern person, and they can literally do nothing to get rid of them, but trump would ban them and make excuses for the actual criminals and murders.

  • Rita Johnson 6 months ago

    Strange things that come out of Christian’s mouth ..arms deals versus 1 person death ..why are the stock piling arms shouldn’t that be a red flag. There were check and balances where are they now.. I see other deaths ahead as well as Americans but there are fools in power.

  • WilliamG 6 months ago

    Go vote, leave Trump empty (small) handed. Greetings from the Netherlands

  • New Message 6 months ago

    I would pay good money to see Kelly slap that bottlebrush off of Bolton’s face. And he would slap him, too… he wouldn’t even bother to make a fist.

  • George Mauricio 6 months ago

    Elect Clown for President expect a circus

  • Rose Johnson-Tsosie 6 months ago

    And God said “Thou shall not kill”. Pray for Pat. The Devil just grabbed his ankle.

  • Cheese Stix 6 months ago

    Imagine if this was obama. Conservative hypoctites and fox news would have accused him of being immoral and weak. But this guy has zero morals and makes it obvious that money is all that matters. Nobody utters a word. Politicians are calculating and vile, but Republicans are in league with the devil

  • Էմմանուել Էզենվան Մեղր 6 months ago

    Another one week investigation about an “incident”. The US is a corrupt country. Religious with zero moral.


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