Trump Goes Off the Rails on Twitter and Fox News: A Closer Look

Published on May 11, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Trump reeling off fantasies about the coronavirus just “going away” after two West Wing aides test positive and unemployment soars to its highest level since the Great Depression.

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  • Julia Bryan 3 months ago

    if the children had not come out looking like the cutest wasps in history I was gonna sue thank you that was absolutely delightful

  • Koda Toruk Makto 3 months ago

    Trump is insane #LockHimUp

  • El CHE Freedom 3 months ago

    The impeachment is real, forever, the #fakepotus is not.

  • Richard Sang 3 months ago

    I suggest as he open his golf course, he should order the White House tour to reopen to the public, and one more note: for security purpose, no strong healthy adults allowed, only those above 70 and confine to wheel only. To show the greatness of trump presidency, Melania and his son Barron should be the tour guide to conduct the tour.

  • Innate Gaming 3 months ago

    yeah it goes away when the temperature goes up… that is why you don’t see corona virus in any of the countries in the tropical areas….. wait I am in the Philippines on lockdown now for over 2 months…

  • Eclipse 3 months ago

    again with the wasps …siiiiiigh

  • Heather Unknown 3 months ago

    Dr. Science 🤣🤣🤣

  • specialpatrolgroup92 3 months ago

    Trump is like Roger from American Dad. “OK, here’s the plan: Die for me. Die… For ME.”

  • george centeno 3 months ago

    As far as warmer temperatures and Corona going away just look at Brazil as an example..

  • MetalWenchie 3 months ago

    As soon as I saw the extra book appear, I literally squealed out loud!

  • Jaramillo Lugo 3 months ago

    8:08 Is this your POTUS “speaking”? For real? And is he really in charge of the richest and most powerful nation in the History of Civilization, a Leader of the most stupendous country ever known to Humanity? The Supreme King of the Land that had become a beacon of Justice and a symbol of the Free World in less than 2 centuries?… Eeeh… You’re kidding, right?
    Break… 🤮 . Because I think you got yourselves a huge, but HUGE problemo!!!

  • Atsard- Dali 3 months ago

    SNL says we should let our kids drink… Seth are your boys Drunk?

  • Denise Hall 3 months ago

    …..and Melania was nowhere to found.

  • Alicia Almazán Díaz 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who wanted to see his two sons dressed as wasps during the whole video?! 😅

  • Windowlicker Supreme 3 months ago

    I was on xhamster yesterday (purely for research purposes), and even they had a banner saying “Happy Mothers day”. Maybe it was for all the MILFs. I thought that was bizarre, until I heard Trump’s message. It comes to something when porn is a better influence than the president.

  • Andy Dufresne 3 months ago

    He is going down in history as possibly the most legendarily bad world leader ever. This will be remembered, talked, and joked about for thousands of years. Like Nero playing a violin as Rome burned, or Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette isolating themselves at Versailles while France starved. Trump the colossal failure will not be soon forgotten.

  • parul prakassh 3 months ago

    Both of your kids are super adorable Seth…

  • kingseanthefirst 3 months ago

    everything pre-segway was kind of like, wait don’t you dare! I love the thornbirds references and the oddness of all of this. When the books immediately doubled with a sequel title, my soul said, for one split glorious moment, all was right in the world. then, trump. But for one second, seth gave me all the hope of someone seeing superman in dc’s version of I guess, Katrina in man of steel? you get my point. the thornbird trilogy, the wasp reveal and the overall cohesive cuteness of the whole video made this probably the most enjoyable closer look so far. and this has been, a closer comment lol

  • stapleskeri love bts 3 months ago

    The wasps were adorable 😍

  • Derp Asaurus 3 months ago

    8:30 They look like they are being held hostage

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