Trump Gives Away His Daughter AND the Senate & Lindsey Graham Gets Choked Up About Herschel

Published on November 14, 2022

Jimmy recaps all the sights and drama from Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany’s wedding (that he was definitely at), and he talks about Trump’s strange thumbs up pose in the wedding pics, Ivanka cropping Don Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle out of her picture, all of the fashion from the various family members, the Democrats winning the Senate, most of the candidates Trump endorsed losing, Lindsey Graham getting choked up about Herschel Walker on Hannity, Trump’s pending announcement about running for President again, Mike Pence sitting down with David Muir to talk about his experience on January 6th, President Biden meeting with Chinese President Xi, Jeff Bezos claiming that he will give most of his $120 billion fortune to charity, and our in-house movie critic Yehya reviews the number one movie in America, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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  • Vernon Engbino 1 year ago

    Trump was fuming, he wasn’t given a dowry check or donation for his campaign.

  • Chris Chang 1 year ago

    According to quantum mechanics on of my electron could be in orbit around Jupiter.

  • fishymiki 1 year ago

    The woke show

  • Mark Brown 1 year ago

    Jimmy could not get invited to his own birthday..Jimmy your a bum.

  • Jay Carter 1 year ago

    I seriously don’t understand how Jimmy Kimmel has a job or anything to do with television! The guys got no charisma zero talent so somebody please tell me what’s going on here.

  • Amber ts180 1 year ago

    That yehyeh makes me so!

  • FSE 1 year ago

    Lindsey is emotional because he cannot believe it has come to him pleading for Hershel Walker to be elected. And he also cannot believe it’s not butter.

  • Jaime Cardenas 1 year ago

    Most of us republicans WE are not going to VOTE or SUPPORT till donal trump removes him self from the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!

  • p archer 1 year ago

    The only reason Graham will stay in office is because he comes from South Carolina, the least educated State.

  • Plabnezz1982 1 year ago

    Everyone going to glide over our president walking right by the Chinese president with his hand out like a moron!!

  • fact gasm 1 year ago

    Father of the Bribe.

  • Patrick Devlin 1 year ago

    Most perfect monolog EVER…!


  • WD Dilly 1 year ago

    Greatest movie review

  • merry hunt 1 year ago

    I guess Don Jr’s girlfriend hasn’t been to many weddings. Wearing black as a wedding guest is a faux pas. Wearing black when the bride has clearly wanted delicate pastels is a way of saying “I haven’t a clue how to fit in with this family.” 2. I’m happy to see Melania in the pictures. I was getting worried about her.

  • Elizabeth Grace 1 year ago

    Literally the most disgusting biased talk show host


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