Trump & Giuliani’s Vomitous Attack on Democracy

Published on November 19, 2020

Day 16 of #Squattergate is upon us, and Trump has no public events on his schedule again as he attempts to steal the election he claims has been stolen from him, asserts that the Republican Secretary of State from Georgia is obstructing after not overturning Biden’s win, Rudy Giuliani gave another doozy of a press conference, and Jimmy chats with the man in charge of designing Trump’s Library, Scott McDougall (Andy Daly).

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  • Crispy Love 3 years ago

    This guy Giuliani BORAT look like pshyco

  • Sarah Baker 3 years ago

    Jimmy, you piece of something. No sewage word is good for you. At least, this man does his job. You, Jimmy, don’t.

  • cleverkins 3 years ago

    The bad Santa = Trumpet!

  • Keking 3 years ago

    The lady behind Rudy is a prop

  • Monkey Beak 3 years ago

    His venom leaked out.

  • Dave Roche 3 years ago

    Let’s just ignore that Stepford squarehead behind him – Fooliani sweating? Hair dye? Nah – remember that scene in ST:Insurrection where Ahdar Ru’afos face starts oozing that disgusting milky-goo stuff? Just musin;

  • James Read 3 years ago

    Jimmy should do some anti-Trump jokes sometime

  • vsboy 25 3 years ago

    Trump commands authority

  • Agent Orange 3 years ago

    Attack on Democracy? lol

  • Allan Flanders 3 years ago

    Andy Daly is so funny

  • Raymond Davis 3 years ago

    Trump hasn’t done didley squat for anyone but himself since the election -WHY ARE WE LETTING HIM USE AMERICAN’S TIME MONEY AND RESOURCES TO TRY TO DEFEAT DEMOCRACY.

  • Nisveta Nina Lang 3 years ago

    This is becoming such a BS show.

  • Steve Kluze 3 years ago

    Go watch the whole press conference for yourself. If you want to get serious about this country’s elections, then go watch the complete press conference without the MSM spin. The lawyers at the conference absolutely grilled the media today, so of course, they are going to make fun of Guiliani. They hate him. But don’t fall for it. Go for context, not comedy. This is a very serious situation. Breakaway from the Sheeple herd, and investigate things like an adult.

  • Charles Love 3 years ago

    help !! election Cheating America haters Democ(rats). Please Bust the crooked tech companies CENSORSHIP , thought altering plans. and agendas. Help. Please. for our children for a true democracy and for America

  • Larry Mosher 3 years ago

    Is this what 20,000 dollars a day get you.He’s not worth 20,000 in monopoly money.Poor Rudy, tutti-frutti.

  • Andy Davis 3 years ago

    He looks like he “took a couple” for the man who owns no “big boy pants.”

  • Frank Stidham 3 years ago

    Rudy’s so full of sh!t, it’s oozing out of his head.


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