Trump gets the “Voter Fraud Isn’t Real” talk

Published on November 30, 2020

Now that Trump is in his late seventies, it’s time for him to find out that election fraud isn’t real. But don’t tell Rudy Giuliani! Watch the full segment on CBS All Access. #TOTN #TooningOut

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Clip air date 12/1/2020

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  • James Kuyper 2 months ago

    Election fraud is quite real, though rather rare in this country. What’s not real is sufficiently good evidence of a sufficient amount of fraud to affect any of the results in this election.
    Even that is not something we should take for granted. The strongest evidence supporting that claim is the complete failure of Trump’s lawyers to present any significant amount of relevant evidence of fraud.

  • Iris E 2 months ago

    The mental illness of the GOP and the 70 million Americans who voted for Trump is the greatest threat now facing the world. Covid is a minor cough in comparison.

  • dodo 2 months ago

    when not even the second most effected person pence is willing to claim any fraud

    you know there is only one conclusion….

  • Nathaniel Hellerstein 2 months ago

    When Trump says “This is fraud”, the word ‘this’ refers to that very statement. So if he’s honest, then he’s fraudulent, and if he’s fraudulent, then he’s honest.

  • kk P 2 months ago

    i would love to fail everything and blame it on rigging.
    imagine that

  • Tracey Nukho 2 months ago

    Omg he is crazy

  • Maxwell Smart 2 months ago

    Trump’s HAIR is rigged.

  • Chris R 2 months ago

    the battle over, and the dust is clearing,
    disciples of the snow dog sound the knell.
    rejoicing echoes as the dawn is nearing.
    by tor, in defeat, retreats to h***.
    snow dog is victorious.
    the land of the overworld is saved again.

  • Harold Pinteresque 2 months ago

    Tr***, whose record as the finest one-term, impeached, 0-for-2-in-the-popular-vote president now qualifies for a burial spot in the Walmart parking lot of his choosing. While supplies last.

  • Resologist 2 months ago

    In the next ten days, Trump might decide to withhold his signature on a spending bill, which could shut down much of the federal government. He has threatened to veto the spending bill, already if it removes Confederate names from military bases; and, he held up a previous spending bill that didn’t provide funding for his border wall, (resulting in a government shut down). Don’t expect Trump to worry about the end of many unemployment benefits on the day after Christmas nor to worry about the end of the eviction moratorium on New Year’s Eve, He’s got other things to worry about, (such as who gets a pardon and the outcomes of the lawsuits that’ll fix the vote counts in his favor for a second term).

  • Serge Somborac 2 months ago

    Drumpf sounds like a malfunctioning Alexa.

  • geoffk777 2 months ago

    If you call a flat-ot lie a “joke”, does that mae it comedy? CBS seems to think so, but it’s not at all funny and, in fact, is pretty insulting.

  • joelchummel 2 months ago

    A recent article in The Independent says that in the majority of counties where Trump held in-person rallies, he actually under-performed in the voting results. Guess some of those rally-goers decided after all not to vote for him. And he wonders why he lost. Trump is clueless. Truly the mad king at this point.

  • appleblossomxo 2 months ago

    2006 Smartmatic being investigated by democrats. What happened?!
    2010 Heider Garcia Smartmatic rep at Philippine Congress admitting clock glitch
    2017 Venezuela announcing Smartmatic tampered with effecting the vote
    2019 Heider Garcia rep in California training to Electioneers use of Smartmatic :/
    2019 The Philippines wants to dispose of Smartmatic:

  • M Masters 2 months ago

    First Comes the Medical Boot with integrated ankle monitor. Then comes the Press conference where Biden Capitulates and withdraws from the election. – abandoning his co-conspirators to cut their own plea deals to avoid TREASON.

    “Whiskey for our WarFighters
    & TREASON for ALL of the CHEATERS.


  • M Masters 2 months ago

    Best Outcome for the American People – even though we will still see some Blantifa violence – winter’s comin’ and TEENAGERS Need New Shoes and a Coat.

    It’s early, but it sounds like Biden is negotiating with McConnell to Capitulate – which is different than Conceding.

    Conveniently, this comes similultaneous with Creepy Joe showing up in a Medical Boot like McCain and HRC.

    Mike Adams reporting here. But yesterday this same report was all over Chinese American news…

    Joey should be retired before the weekend – I hope

    Prep. PRAY & Stay Out Of The Way…


  • Herry Soempono 2 months ago

    That guy is totally butthurt. Dude, you’re literally the “government”

  • Agnetha LaDuff 2 months ago

    Millions of Non-Americans illegally voted and it has to stop.

  • Alcozar 2 months ago

    👀 Trump you are a total FRAUD!

  • Dana Mckee 2 months ago

    How would 1000s of people be able to do this ?? Why are the states in which only he lost? Why is it only his check box?? Come on people?? And why are everyone of these getting ousted by judge’s on no evidence?? Why are they claing fraud and then saying different words in front of the judge?? Simply bullshit


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