Trump Gets Dictator-y with the Justice Department: The Daily Show

Published on January 9, 2018

President Trump slams Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not protecting him in the Russia probe, and the Justice Department announces more Hillary Clinton investigations.

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  • panda44r 2 years ago

    Drumpf’s motto: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

    He has proven, after all, that he is the world’s “best” bullshit artist. That’s why he praises himself about it all the time,…he actually thinks it’s working.

  • peepsdtw 2 years ago

    Yes Mr. President,Sessions recusing himself does indeed paint you in an unflattering light. lol Yes!

  • Im Favrr 2 years ago

    So like…are checks and balances still a thing in the federal government…or?

  • Lina Charpentier 2 years ago

    Defensive importance nice relate widespread attract whole production coat practically.

  • M.M 2 years ago

    Who siad the Hillary Clinton will go to heaven?Trevor if you blev she is a good person than you are stupid my friend!! Do you have any notion of the stuff she have done? I am not a fan of Trump and I from a country that bureaucrat like Clintons destroyed my beautiful Afghanistan.

  • C B 2 years ago

    At the end of the day. 62% of white people voted for him. ?

  • Marvin Cool 2 years ago

    I feel like the modern presidency and the amount of power it has would make the founders cringe.

  • Eyeout 2 years ago

    Dems are mad because they’re about to lose their 4th branch of government. A corrupt FBI/CIA. #releasethememo

  • Clifton Pierre-Antoine 2 years ago


  • Jesse Chingon 2 years ago

    Hillary in heaven yeah thats funny. Im not a trump supporter but hillary was a bad candidate and person

  • Yes I’m Blessed 2 years ago

    Is Roy Cohn dead? If so, did he die before Steve Miller was born? Because I think Steve Miller is the reincarnation of Roy Cohn.

  • Ned Curfman 2 years ago

    Snakes are nicer to me than most people. Don’t slander them by comparing them to that cuck Roy Cohn

  • N Hinton 2 years ago

    I love our separation of powers. Otherwise, this retard will be an incompetent dictator for life.

  • Spooky Carring 2 years ago

    Stop criticizing Mr. Trump, you are racicst

  • Jacob Rothschild 2 years ago

    I can’t wait till the American people fire Donald Trump

  • Aya Traumend 2 years ago

    Fun fact Roy Cohn actually did work with Trump early in Trump’s career.

  • Tee Dee 2 years ago

    FYI. Roy Cohn WAS Trump’s attorney for a long time. He’s responsible in part for Trump’s twisted mind.

  • V/V1970 2 years ago

    This so-called “Show” has spent every chance to bash President Trump for almost 3 years. This guy is no comic, And EVERY joke for 3 years President Trump is his punchline. That is THE “Show” Get the hook out to snatch this turd off stage, Nothing can salvage this air time, Just admit it, The Daily show has long ago used up its Last Breath.

  • Antoinette Gross 2 years ago

    If the sheets have no pee?????

  • James Dean 2 years ago

    Love the show but Hillary is not going to heaven


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