Trump Gets Booted Off of Forbes Magazine’s List of Richest Americans

Published on October 7, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, October 6.

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  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 10 months ago

    I’m sure Trump’s shambolic finances are still being audited…

  • Mr. & Mrs. D. 10 months ago

    This is a game of chicken. Not raising the debt ceiling would hurt the GOP’s wealthy constituents and their own investments so badly there is no way they are going to let this happen.

  • Yasuke 10 months ago

    The Adele joke was fire.🤣

  • Oliver Seitz 10 months ago

    Not rich enough???
    So the Trumpster soon will start a new grift show to loot his brain dead followers.

  • Beverly Glover 10 months ago

    That will make Trump’s blood boil. Took away his bragging rights. However, a new topic will be added to his rallies. Not only does he have to defend his Toadstool Mini Donnie, he now has to convince his followers that he is indeed the richest man in America.

  • wpl 10 months ago

    Unless you count debt as wealth, he should have never been on it. He’s wasted more of other people’s money than he’s actually made in his life. Not to mention the amount of fraud he’s committed.

  • Charlie Hepburn 10 months ago

    Another loss for Trump. Tired of losing yet Trump?

  • Ann van de Kew 10 months ago

    Have you heard that for Trump’s birthday,
    Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus:
    it’s made of Russian chick pea.

  • Robyn Robison 10 months ago

    Trump paid no income taxes 10 of 15 years prior to being 45. And, he’s buried in debts. Plus, if Trump’s mouth is open, he’s usually lying. For those reasons, who really knows what his true wealth is? He may possess many properties, but if a person owes more than properties are worth that isn’t a sign of wealth. For all we know he’s millionairre at most NOT a billionairre. Considering his Daddy gave him over 400 million, even at 2.4 billion is basically like the average person turning $4 into $24 over their lifetime.

  • Thor K 10 months ago

    You have GOT to tell us who wrote the New Single joke.

  • Jonathan Barker 10 months ago

    It took long for Forbes to kick off Trump .I thought hell would freeze over first ,so MEGA could hang out in it’s favourite hot spot .Before he could get kicked off of Forbes .

  • Sergeant Schlumpf 10 months ago

    in the title you could’ve made it abundantly clear he’s not even in the list of top 400 richest americans!!

  • Artur 10 months ago

    CORRECTION: It’s Kellogg’s, not Kellogg.

  • liter fluid 10 months ago

    Watch the republikkklans say that everything from the past 5 years it’s Biden fault.

  • Regan Pelletier 10 months ago

    Forbes will be getting a baby handed sausage fingered written angry letter in the mail

  • Flame Beats 10 months ago

    Now that you mention the stock photo girl it makes me wonder if any of the stock actors in your graphics watch the show.

  • PPV 10 months ago

    Impeached from the Forbes 400? Hahaha.

  • that's SO ironic!! 10 months ago

    Solidarity with Kellogg’s workers during their company wide strike– no silly Wendy’s drinks for the time being

  • BettyBradshaw 10 months ago

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