Trump Gets A Message From The Mob

Published on December 18, 2018

This mob boss doesn’t take kindly to the President’s use of the mafia term ‘rat.’

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  • travel er 3 years ago

    Supscribe me pls?⭐

  • RebornCroissant 3 years ago


  • The black manther 3 years ago

    “Stay in ur lane”???

  • Boberto Be Baggio 3 years ago


  • Kiki Vol-au-Vent 3 years ago

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • A Wee Scots Dog 3 years ago

    The Mob – Starring Don Girly-On-Knee
    (Aka The Rod Father)

    There once was a Mafia Don
    Who thought up a devious con
    He said “look at me
    Come, sit on my knee
    So we can both go “bing-bang-bong”

    Her reply, did not please the big slob
    She said “That is not knee, that’s a knob”
    He said “It’s just me
    Don Curly ‘O Knee
    And a couple of pals, round from the mob”

    Then Don Jr got frisky, his head
    Became engorged with white spots and red
    With acne he had done
    Many hours in the sun
    Where there is so much room – it is said

    But she said “If he is from the mob
    I’m don’t think I want him on the job
    If he grabs my purse he
    Will find that a nurse she
    Will ask him for a DNA swab”

  • Kathy Burns 3 years ago

    He is, after all, the don.

  • Action Hiro 3 years ago

    ??The Trump White House ??
    ?It’s a RAT eat RAT Administration ????????????

  • J J 3 years ago

    Fortunately Ted’s torture was cut short when the vise squad arrived.

  • Oh Yeah? 3 years ago

    Hey, Trump earned the right to use mafia terms by doing business with the Russian mafia for years.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 3 years ago

    Gently discouraged (head clamped by vice) from using the word “Rat”?
    So what do we call…. Got it! “Rodents” leaving a sinking ship.

  • nbbim2012 3 years ago

    A WANNABE crime boss… he’s so stupid he’s already getting caught and I’m sure it’s going to be much worse when the report comes out


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