Trump Firing Everybody as Election Standoff Continues

Published on November 12, 2020

Jimmy sends his thanks and gratitude to Veterans everywhere for their service, Trump visits Arlington National Cemetery after ousting top officials at the Pentagon, Trump is filing lawsuits but even his lawyers can’t seem to find fraud, local officials are being turned into punching bags, Jimmy compares Trump to the woman who claimed to find a finger in her Wendy’s chili in 2005, a County Commissioner in Pennsylvania tweeted something he clearly meant for a fake account, we break down the election for kids with help from “Paw Patrol,” Chris Stapleton has a new COVID Christmas Album, and Jimmy shows off the awesome guitar skills he picked up over quarantine.

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  • Bernardo Cabigon 3 years ago

    Trump making the USA political arena as aa Casino, he bluffs to win even his cards are weak. He is forcing his way to gain to his advantage using all Republican Senators as his pawns. If Trump leads to civil disorder, a lot of people will be the collateral damage to his stupidity. It is the time together as an American people as a whole and not as partisan throw Trump away from WH. The world leaders will not be interested to deal with Trump. He is another Venezuela President.

  • mista ex 3 years ago

    Was Jimmy crying before this? Why are his eyes so watery and red?

  • Bradley568 3 years ago

    What are these people gonna do without trump to make fun of!?

  • Sonny Joseph 3 years ago

    Guaranteed..IF there’s a deliberate and purposeful checking of ALL BALLOTS (IN ALL STATES)..Guaranteed, it would come up that at the very least, 9->12 million ballots in favour of POTUS-trump were cast twice..NOT INTENTIONAL FRAUD by the pro-trump Voters (and therefore, they SHOULD NOT be frowned upon): they were merely “FOLLOWING” what POTUS-trump SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM TO DO (and isn’t this ‘on record’ too!??)

  • Gary .Cross 3 years ago

    Tomb of the unknown loser ??? Ouch . Bad form old bean. Bad form. Some things are sacred .

  • Andrew McKenzie 3 years ago

    I only watch these videos with a grin seeing how confident these MSM personalities are even though they are soon to be at best humiliated at worst fired and discredited.

  • Arab Cinema 3 years ago

    America is holding onto an antiquated system with old ideas that were for different needs. This two-party setup needs to change before any
    real effective change can start to happen by the voice of the people.

  • J Heinemann 3 years ago

    When can we stop hearing about this orange son of a?

  • Wael R 3 years ago

    Jimmy can play guitar ! Awesome

  • Shingar Dhaliwal 3 years ago

    I am pretty sure Trump used his presidential power for personal gain. Once Biden is in White House, he might launch an investigation against Trump. That will be fun to watch.

  • deneb91 3 years ago

    What is Mussolini when you have Trump…be careful with your democracy

  • Travel Legend 3 years ago

    Trump = sinking ship

  • Allah Dino 3 years ago

    No they don’t sacrifice,you send those vulnerable laypeople in harm’s way!


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