Trump Fan-Boy Matt Gaetz Left Off The President’s Team Of GOP Impeachment Warriors

Published on January 23, 2020

As Senators flaunted the impeachment trial rules by sneaking in phones and napping, one notorious Trump backer was missing from the President’s team of House GOP defenders, and now we finally know why. #Monologue #Impeachment #Comedy

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  • James Seaman 4 weeks ago

    Dear Stephen,

    As much as I adore your comedy, please stop doing your Trump impression when repeating his tweets. You are comic gold, armed with a brilliant and biting satiric scimitar! But your Trump impression frankly godawful. Or at the very least please stop saying “Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dotdotdo dot dot dotdot dot” It is grating and your better then that. Love Jamie

  • Thomas Baxter 4 weeks ago

    They need to arrest Senator Feinstein right now. It’s unbelievable that this Corporate hack is the California Senator.

  • Chris Thorn 4 weeks ago

    Think that staffer meant Vegas style buffet, that joke clearly was written by someone who has never been here

  • rocky 4 weeks ago

    Any decent person with some intelligence understands the corrupted gop needs to be voted out of office for the sake of our country. The country we live in with a patriotic heart for the wellness of it and our children who will survive us in it.

  • Micah Bell 4 weeks ago

    I don’t like trump but you guys know NO one on the republican side is protesting.almost like they know it’s a waste of time and money

  • Steve Miller 4 weeks ago

    Bull-Schiff-O-Meter is off the charts!

  • Joanne Park 4 weeks ago

    And that is just 11 million watching from America – were watching from down under & UK not missing out either!

  • Jake Russell 4 weeks ago

    Bernie 2020!

  • PutinWithAnimals 4 weeks ago

    It’s kinda ironic that right-wing people are supposed to be so “macho”, while they’re in fact the most sissiest and cowardly of all

  • MyBlueZed 4 weeks ago

    The puppies still have their balls … ????❤️??

  • theLibrary Lady 4 weeks ago

    Abuse Betrayal & Corruption – the A B C ‘s of IMPEACHMENT. OK, J NADLER.

  • Jack Jay 4 weeks ago

    These senators are disgrace to our country.. the republican should die , and we need new party with new senator

  • Allen Vanderlinde 4 weeks ago

    3 years IS enough!

  • The AJ 4 weeks ago


  • sirkreuab 4 weeks ago

    Trump is a crook and the gop is complicit vote them out

  • Michael Adams 4 weeks ago

    You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to ask Ukraine..

  • LOGIC ! 4 weeks ago

    Lord almighty, That tweet just made my eye twitch.

  • Supreme Overlord 4 weeks ago

    Nice peachy bum there! ;);)

  • Deana Prine 4 weeks ago

    TRUMPSPEAK…. EE-Le-vannn MINI-ONIONS NUDE …..hashtag 11 MINIONS!

  • reknown123 4 weeks ago

    Gaetz will gladly clean trump’s butthole with his tongue.


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