Trump Falsely Claims Pence Can Overturn Election Results: A Closer Look

Published on January 5, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump defending his possibly illegal phone call pressuring Georgia election officials to overturn his loss to Joe Biden.

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  • Lui BBBEE 2 years ago

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  • The Lone Rider 2 years ago

    I’m old enough to remember when late night was funny. Not sure what this is supposed to be.
    Going to a comedian for constitutional analysis is like going to my dr. for a pastrami sandwich and my deli for medical advice…

  • megahappy2beme 2 years ago

    LOL, Y’all, Y’all, Y’all, etc. said by a good ol carpet bagging Yankee girl from Illinois! Her rich hubby is from WI.

  • Sean 2 years ago

    We love you too, Seth and crew.

  • Jorge Andres Ramos Jr 2 years ago

    He knows there’s no time to get impeached again

  • Ben Luxton 2 years ago

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  • Michael 2 years ago

    god I love the “telemarketer bit” @ 2:03

  • Shawn R 2 years ago

    So there are 74 million people out there who are willingly to throw away The Constitution to keep President Trump President.

    The very same people who four short years ago claimed victory in an election where their candidate won the Electoral College but not the popular vote.
    At the time they said the Electoral College is what matters.

    Now the very same people are saying that they are contesting the Electoral College.

    The reverse can be said of the Democrats.
    Most of them spent the last 20 years complaining about the Electoral College since President Bush was elected.
    Now they the Electoral College says Joe Biden is the President Elect.

    The system works it is not perfect. Never was.

  • John Gray 2 years ago

    Clinging to office for dear life, before he has to give up his financial records to face tax evasion and fraud charges. Jan. 20th have the ultimate Anti Trump punk rock kiss off songs blasting out of your phones, and car stereos via USB and Bluetooth [click the J to play, 8070 views, mainly from Seth subscribers like myself]. It’s a recap of the the debacles that characterized Agent Orange’s 1rst and last term in office. While you’re on my channel, help yourself to a 2nd free download ” Blood Sea” another punk rock gem on how the poorest of the poor, prop up the richest of the rich. I wrote and do the lead vocals for both songs, my son did the cool visuals. 2 free downloads from Canada in appreciation for electing Biden, and saving your democracy.

  • Everettel 2 years ago

    I won’t miss Trump but I will miss Seth imitating him.

  • Ron Stark 2 years ago

    You must work for cnn, I think everyone who voted for biden is going to regret it, what if the agenda is to go socialism, are you for that. ps you aren’t even funny.

  • Kar Walker 2 years ago

    Yay last rally!!! What never made sense was his Covidspreading. I think many died because if it. And voted against him because of it.

  • mark burban 2 years ago

    why is it that trump always looks like a moron & why do people think otherwise?

  • hvymettle 2 years ago

    If elections are decided by rally size then we can just stop voting.

  • John Thorn 2 years ago

    Cockeyed Kelly is disgraceful.

  • Howard Kerr 2 years ago

    So I am not the only one ? Yeah, I think that even if Trump winds up in jail he will still have something resembling his rallies.

  • Athena Reeve 2 years ago

    No he asked for his votes back it’s that simple snowflakes wake up get ready for China to take American over with your lovely Biden. Haven’t thay dun enough damage China.

  • J S1974 2 years ago

    how many here just for the Jerky Boys ref..

  • Neutron Pixie 2 years ago

    Democrats have conventions. The Klan has rallies. er…. Republicans…Republicans have rallies

  • Charlene Baer 2 years ago

    The way trump says million is odd.


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