Trump Excludes Biden from Coronavirus Vaccine Summit

Published on December 10, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, December 9.

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  • Nikki Durham 4 months ago

    Lol! A “B”, sounds about right 🤣

  • James B 4 months ago

    Not sure why anyone would think a simple mutated form of the spike protein for SARS-CoV-2 with a couple proline substitutions swapped in to trigger an immune system reaction and then wrapped in a few-nanometer-thick lipid layer is a miracle, it’s just your basic mRNA fragment delivery mechanism.

  • Sarah Viola 4 months ago

    if this hasn’t been a closer look I’m going to SCREAM

  • Robert Leonard 4 months ago

    He want credit for a vaccine….
    For a pandemic, That he said did not exist and would be gone by Easter…🤔❓….

  • ꧁Mandalore꧂ 4 months ago

    Jokes Writers are barely even trying anymore.

  • Captain Nemo 4 months ago

    The fun thing is, that suppose he was right, it was rigged by some democrat conspiracy – doesn’t that make you an even greater and incompetent loser, since you already “anticipated” that it might be rigged, you are the president of the USA, most powerful man on earth, you have the senate, you handpicked half the supreme court, apparently the majority of the population, and yet you STILL fail make ANY progress with your claims, produce any useful evidence, even in hearings lead by representatives of your own party? Your “star witness” is some trailer trash alcoholic? I’m sorry, but that makes you look way more impotent and pathetic than just having lost a “close” election. So if you still stand with your claims now, all you are saying that a less powerful minority out-foxed you and there was nothing you could do. To put it in your own immortal words:” Sad little man.”

  • JLP 4 months ago

    That must have been a record tonight: number of consecutive jokes to bomb… Still love you.

  • shallo denver 4 months ago

    This so called boy 😂 president his beyond EVIL,.

  • MunkyBiz 4 months ago

    Giuliani the wet market 😆 fluids coming out of every orifice in his body.

  • David Lloyd-Jones 4 months ago

    His summit yesterday was Trump alone: nobody actually doing anything useful was interested in joining him.
    If he’s excluding incoming-President Biden (an accurate title, even if i had to construct it myself on the basis of the obvious facts 😂), a guy with actual administrative power and ability, it looks like the next summit will like yesterday’s summit. Uh, not a very high mountain…

  • Samuel Vimes 4 months ago

    Trump is part of the summit so it would be a waste of Biden´s (& anyone´s) time anyway

  • Mark Mac 4 months ago

    rudys farts are superspreaders. brings new meaning to “silent but deadly”.

  • Daniel Johnson 4 months ago

    “Just days after seen VISITING A WET MARKET” – 😆 !!!

  • Maynard Omar Mendoza 4 months ago

    I am from the Philippines. During lockdown (5 months!) Many of us got relief packs consisting of rice and (those canned) sardines.

    There is a running joke here in my country that goes: the cure for covid is eating sardines. We’ve been eating it for months and we are not positive!

  • Lets Go Flying 4 months ago

    NYC has 40% of the population of New York State and will receive 480,000 doses while the rest of the state will receive 6,400.

  • Colin Moore 4 months ago

    He just didn’t want Biden to see how bad a job he has failed to do!!

  • Michael Connor 4 months ago

    Seth seems happier now that he knows that his every waking moment for the next four years won’t be consumed by Donald Trump.

  • S Costa 4 months ago

    Endangering our country cuz he’s a delusional fool….enough of this craziness already!

  • LokiTetch 4 months ago

    Was that bit about behavioral therapy even a joke?

  • abdenbi CHIKOUN 4 months ago

    President Donald Trump personally asked Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to argue the Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four battleground states before the Supreme Court.
    Seventeen other Republican-led states have indicated their support for the lawsuit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to invalidate millions of votes cast in four states that went for Biden: Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


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