Trump Exacerbates America’s Immigration Crisis | The Daily Show

Published on April 4, 2019

From cutting off aid to Central American countries to making threats about closing the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump’s border strategies just seem to be making the situation worse.



  • Bella Bee 1 year ago

    These people are just trying to escape whatever is happening in their country, who knows what they have been through.

  • Robert Trester 1 year ago

    Fox has used that 3 Mexican country comment more than once in fact this is the 3rd separate time I’ve seen it. Are they really that stupid as to not know there is only one Mexico. I understand that Trump doesn’t know this because he’s a fucking idiot and a racist but fox news has no excuse.

  • AteTreeWon 1 year ago

    When we run out of avocados the people will start to care! Lol

  • Alexander Ennead 1 year ago

    Replacing white people with Mexicans? How do we vote for that?

  • Buddy Piper 1 year ago

    how white is kirstjen nielsen?

  • Lynn Garibay 1 year ago

    Trump is a dumb ass

  • Harley Quinn 1 year ago

    I S2G Trevor’s dimples are the only things I’m hanging onto in life at this point

  • cristina solano 1 year ago

    The Kardashians on E are more smart and credible than Fox News.

  • satyaki sikdar 1 year ago

    Just sent the military and ask them to open fire…. fucking savages

  • malik kadir 1 year ago

    if you let immigrant go in by millions its bad for economy too especially for low and middle class worker

  • M R 1 year ago

    The White are already fleeing to Mexico. Where you this country’s middle class is disappearing to.

  • David 123 1 year ago

    The thing is, all the man wants is some control over the border. Some accounting for the thousands of people who go to America unchecked.

    What part of not wanting illegal people is that hard to understand??
    Jesus, and everyone agrees America should be more like a Mall,where you can just enter and get out as you please??

    You guys are out of control with your bullshit, man…

  • shadow realm 1 year ago

    The avocado revolution is coming

  • Diego Martinez 1 year ago

    This migrant surge sounds fishy as fuck to me. That and the migrant caravans being funded by lawyers. The caravan that went through Playas De Tijuana, they had an Airbnb rented for them by these lawyers.

  • killeing 1 year ago

    You know I’m just picturing someone of Donald trumps intelligence, or lack there of, actually thinking if he puts up a single picket sign saying “Do not Enter” or “We’re closed”, it’ll actually work and drive the caravan back… although knowing his ability to spell it’ll probably come out “Donut Enter”, “Wear clost”.

  • NO ON3 1 year ago

    I call it Tre45on!

  • David Milleramo 1 year ago

    Rubio standing behind him nodding like a little twat.

  • In The Shadows 1 year ago

    Wow 3 Mexican countries? N ppl wonder why Hispanics are doing what they do. U cant oppress and insult Hispanics and expect them to just sit there and accept their current situations. Everyone is going to try and make a better life for themselves. Trump forgets how our country was created by immigration in the 1700. You all know Native Americans owned this land first. If Hispanics have to stop every person from coming here (which is impossible), then I want to see Trump stop every criminal from committing crimes in the U.S. or how bout ending gangs? Every gang. Last time I checked, gangsters are more threatening to our country than immigrants who just want a better life. Come on Trump, get your head out of your ass. I rememeber Conan did a thing on going around the world. Ppl from Haiti and Italy etc. Said they love the American people. That it’s the American Government they have a problem with. Hmmm I wonder why?

  • Nameless One Wanderland 1 year ago

    With that many people down there, we’re surprised there was a town built there…yet called 3 Mexican Avocados

  • Jay Muller 1 year ago

    If you don’t believe there’s a border crisis. Just do a search on here with illegal kills man, illegal kills woman, illegal rapes woman, illegal rapes child, illegal drunk driver kills family. And you will see what your news media is not telling you


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