Trump Even Made Pardoning Turkeys About Obama

Published on November 22, 2017

President Trump couldn’t help but to make the pardoning of ‘Drumstick’ and ‘Wishbone’ about ‘Obama’ and ‘Obama.’

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  • Inderjit singh 3 years ago

    first comment after a year

  • Rayeky1 3 years ago

    How can Americans elect such an idiot ? … Im still clueless

  • Lord Atheist 3 years ago

    What happens when 2 trump supporters break up….
    …could we still b brother n sister

  • New Message 3 years ago

    I can’t wait to see Trump’s tweet rants that the turkey’s didn’t publicly thank him.

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    *_Thanksgiving Dinner — November 23, 2017 — 4.33 pm_*
    HOST: Attention, everyone. I just wanted to extend a big “hello” to all our friends and relatives. Welcome to our humble home. _(everyone cheers)_ First of all, so as not to repeat the disaster that _was_ last Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to put the Trump supporters down the basement. And while that may not _sound_ great, there are three big-screen TVs blasting Fox News down there — and you can wear your MAGA hats at the dinner table — so there’s that. Ooh, and if we could keep the accidental shootings amongst you Trump folks down to two this year, that’d be fantastic.

    Now, as for the rest of us — those who still believe “two plus two equals four” — we’ll be eating in the formal dining room, having intelligent conversation, and using things like utensils and facts. _(Voice in Crowd: “Fake news!”)_

    Also, to the Alex Jones fans among us — before you even ask me — the answer is yes: this dinner is not actually happening and is all a conspiracy cooked up by demon-spawn Hillary Clinton and funded by billionaire George Soros. So congrats — you called it. Also, once I’ve wrapped up the leftovers, you Alex Jones fans can help yourselves to all the tinfoil left on the roll. _(Uncle Marty: “Woohoo”)_

    Oh, and will the person with the giant Confederate flag painted on their 2002 Kia Spectra please move your car. You’re parked in front of a fire hydrant — or as the Alex Jones fans call them, “Deep State Spy Spigots.” _(Uncle Marty: “Damn right they are!!”)_ Anyway, it’d be great if you could park your “General Lee” a little further down the street… ya know, on the far right.

    And lastly, as a side note, my proudly bigoted second cousin Harlan — who last year wore the “Jews Will Not Replace Us” jacket — has been replaced this year by my long-time accountant, Irv Fishman. Great to have you here, Irv, and thanks for the Matzah balls.

    Anyhoo, welcome again, thanks for joining us, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!! _(everyone cheers)_

  • BC Boss 3 years ago

    I’m all for hating on Trump but that line about not being allowed to undo Obama’s pardon on Tater and Tot was pretty funny and self-aware.

  • Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice 3 years ago

    He’s like a *petty 7-year-old boy* ..
    I just don’t understand how anyone could look past that..

  • Turbid TG1 3 years ago

    Barron looks so happy! ? P.S. I have a feeling that this won’t be the first time he’ll try to be pardoning some turkeys this year! 😀

  • C J 3 years ago

    Your president focuses his time to investigate wether he can overturn a pardon for two turkeys.

    No comments. *That itself is the joke.*

  • HitchensImmortal 3 years ago

    Didn’t he already use his annual turkey pardon on Arpaio?

  • Lachy Roberts 3 years ago

    If those turkeys were called ‘Bill’ and ‘Hillary’ Trump would be facing one of his greatest conundrums yet.

  • ks m 3 years ago

    Trump literally molest that turkey with his very big hands.

  • tom domagalski 3 years ago

    What’s with the pardoning?

  • Abdul Masaiev 3 years ago

    “There they’ll join Tater and Tot, the two turkeys pardoned last year by president Obama” – wait, wait, wait… last year? Obama? This can’t… Holy shit Trump’s actually been president for only a year and not for the last eternity like it feels

  • Viet Nguyen 3 years ago

    They should remake movies featuring a US president to reflect the current one. Turkeys on board Air Force One.

  • TheReal008Zulu 3 years ago

    Trump is learning all sorts of fun facts about pardoning, isn’t he? Have they explained to him yet, that he cannot pardon himself?

  • Ry Sun 3 years ago

    Trump caught sexually harassing a turkey.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 3 years ago

    Trump was about to sexually harass Drumstick

  • Oshini Perera 3 years ago

    Trump is a sad ?????? thing

  • thiefofa1073 3 years ago

    My God he actually thought he was being funny by bringing up his obsession with Obama’s previous directives and the turkeys.


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