Trump Eases Showerhead Rules & Mar-a-Lago Neighbors Want Him Out | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on December 16, 2020

Trump rolls back showerhead water efficiency regulations, and his Mar-a-Lago neighbors request that he spend his post-presidency life elsewhere. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DonaldTrump

Help struggling local restaurants stay open during the pandemic and afterwards:



  • James Bias 4 months ago

    Why don’t he go live in Russia you know where all his friends are and where he’s appreciated

  • Star Brand 4 months ago

    Florida Man is gonna kick his ass.

  • cris frueger 4 months ago

    It’s alright. When Trump heads to the Gulag they’ll hose him down real good. That’s plenty of water pressure 😂

  • Seeedos 4 months ago

    No thank you we don’t want him in Saudi Arabia too, send him to Alaska near his ex boyfriend Putin

  • Edward Schmitt 4 months ago

    According to the agreement with Palm Beach, made when he turned it into a “membership type club”, no one including Trump can live there full time. The amount of time you can spend there is limited to 21 nights in a row. This should get interesting…

  • Sonia James 4 months ago

    If Trump couldn’t declare Florida as a permanent residence, he committed voting fraud in November.

  • Mr. ForWard 4 months ago

    I really would like to say, “What an Embarrassment of a President of the US”.

    But then, I am scared that I will turn around,

    And US will elect Mike Pompeo in 2024 just in the case of Bush and Trump.

  • Yannick 4 months ago

    Get Trump a nice cell in the ocean and give him a minimum of water to clean his dirty tiny hands

  • Wendy Lott 4 months ago

    Damn, even Florida don’t want him! There’s always Jersey Shore, or somewhere in Texas. He could always go to the states most of us forget about, like Idaho: nothing but potatos. Or Nebraska, nothing but corn. Lastly, Oregon: who the hell even lives here?

  • yaboidany 4 months ago

    I mean who would want to live near a guy that has bat-shit crazy supporters outside yelling for him constantly and those that want to protest him when he causes outrage. Imagine constantly going outside and seeing this. There will never be peace lol. Move to Russia, I’m pretty Putin would love to have you as a kiss ass servant.

  • Cameo Six 4 months ago

    Jokes Aside, Saudi Arabia looks like a place Trump will surely love

  • Andrea H 4 months ago

    When even “sinkhole state” doesn’t want you, you’ve really gotten to the lowest bar. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for 45! Putin wants you, Donny!

  • MonkeyJedi99 4 months ago

    At this point, Biden first month should be having staff go through all of Sweet Potato Hitler’s executive orders and the orders of his appointees and undoing the ones that harm people, worsen the environment, cost unnecessary money, are illegal or immoral. Okay, give Biden four months for that work.

  • Yukosan13 4 months ago

    It’s strange how he has any followers at all.. when he’s so selfish that he only passes laws that help himself.. really hoping the state of Florida forecloses his house..( cuz the government already wasted so much money on all the hundreds of golf trips he took there)

  • nm moore 4 months ago

    Yep, we don’t want him

  • Drax Snider 4 months ago

    Moscow is waiting.

  • Jeff Pagan 4 months ago

    Ooooh it will be nice to see that legal fight

  • Brenda Isabel Nava 4 months ago

    Is it my computer, or does the audio for his videos always sound muffled? How do I fix this?

  • john 4 months ago

    We get it… U hate him. Get over it trevor. After a while you come across as a kid

  • K G 4 months ago

    🤔He was so complimentary to North Korea whilst visiting… Certainly he ment every word and would be happy to live there.


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