Trump Dragged by Former Staffers & Facebook Outage Sends QAnon Crazies Into Conspiracy Meltdown

Published on October 5, 2021

Rain and lightning hit LA for the first time in a while causing a delay at the Chargers/Raiders game, Facebook released the reason for their outage yesterday and many QAnonners believe it was the start of the “Blackout” where major public figures will be arrested for sex trafficking, Mark Zuckerberg released an apology for disruption in their services, Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something, Donald Trump didn’t make the Forbes 400 list of richest people in America, we got some fresh insight about our Crazy Ex-President from a new tell-all book, we ask people on the street to name a Nobel Prize winner, and we go back a year ago this week for a new edition of This Week in COVID History.


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  • CHANTARELLA 1 year ago

    Trump is the brunt of joke after joke because he actually cannot be taken seriously. Problem is those who do take his lies and BS seriously

  • Jiraiya23 1 year ago

    alice in borderland is better than squid game but korean shows are more mainstream so it got more credit

  • John Rosner 1 year ago

    You used to be funny the show used to be fun now you’re just pathetic Every single show it’s something about trump don’t think about trump it’s not like I care about the guy or like the guy but come on man you’re supposed to have one of the best late night shows now it’s just a joke You’re really pathetic and sad

  • BerzerK 1 year ago

    Hey, mind putting the guy that drone strikes children in your thumbnail?

  • warlord of video game glitches 1 year ago

    Q in the clowns

  • MesaGuitarGuy 1 year ago

    I didn’t laugh once. wow

  • SuperNesus 1 year ago

    Please do a month for month COVID comparison of Trump in ’20 and Biden in ’21

  • Osman Shah 1 year ago

    Martin Lawrence 😅

  • Billy S 1 year ago

    Donald Trump didn’t make the list because he donated his entire presidential salary to charity, and spent his own money fighting for the American people.

  • Shaun Smith 1 year ago

    I always see the chargers logo and think of Donald Trumps hair… And now you will too. Your welcome.

  • Crystals Kiss 1 year ago


  • Insane Troll 1 year ago

    Doesn’t Linus Pauling get a shout out? He has two!

  • Sum FatGï 1 year ago

    i suppose trump was wrong this once and the china virus didn’t disappear?

  • Luke P 1 year ago

    Blue church

  • David Flynn 1 year ago

    _”…so, you like cars?”_ Only if they’re fast enough to out run the cops

  • N K 1 year ago

    Boy am i glad i never left MySpace

  • ArmE 1 year ago

    Love the show but…can someone please explain to me the point in having Guillermo?? He isn’t funny. Annoying yes. Ridiculous? Yes. I don’t get it.

  • SavageMind 1 year ago

    Good luck getting any republican to admit they were wrong and were fooled by a con man. Lol

  • IRON STONE 1 year ago

    It would be funny though if Tom Hanks would be accused of that.. and at the court hearing he would start acting like Forrest Gump and then acting like he did on castaway.. and basically his whole thing with morphing into these different characters at court would be in his defense so later on he completed insanity… That would be a trial to watch… That will be the trial on the century… You know what fukq it.. I’m going to make a movie like that… Starring Tom Hanks


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