Trump Doesn’t Agree With ‘We The People’

Published on October 12, 2017

Stephen has a suggestion for the president who complained that ‘the press is able to write whatever they want to write.’ It’s a quick read written by the Founding Fathers.

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  • Sassy Potato 3 years ago

    We were runnin out of nukes but now I get a nuke, you get a nuke, we all get a nuke…. Nuke Nuke Nuke!!!. Yay

  • Cindy Tucker 3 years ago

    Love those doll hands?

  • the_dead_poet 3 years ago

    _”… atleast he’s not a _*_Cannibal_*_ “_ — Jon Stewart, 2017.

  • Jason Blade 3 years ago

    Trump attacking the First Amendment but Trumptards want to convince you he LOVES the Constitution..
    How to love something you don’t know trumpies?

  • poppyshoessp 3 years ago

    GOD, he whines more than my 2 year old.

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    Trump has been hoarding guzzoline so he can rule over the post apocalyptic wasteland in his Citadel along with his fellow warlords, the People Eater and Bullet Farmer.

  • Yee Vita 3 years ago

    Trump and trumpers would be happy with 3 billion fewer Asians. They would not mind clearing Africa either I am sure. Makes the world whiter and safer after all.

  • Repins Watson 3 years ago

    Shouldn’t Twitter deactivate his account for making death threats? His talking about nuclear war. How is that not a threat?

  • Fuck You 3 years ago

    Hahaha, ironically during the campaign, one excuse trumptards liked to bring up to justify their blind support for Trump was that they claimed Hillary would start a nuclear war if she got elected. LOL.

  • Julio Reguero 3 years ago

    If you support Trump you are a fucking moron

  • Ninja Man 3 years ago

    he was more orange than the chair he sat on

  • Russell Dembo 3 years ago

    At a different time, Trump would be standing shoulder to shoulder, with Stalin, and Hitler…

  • Random Commenter 3 years ago

    God where would we be without Stephen Colbert!

  • Raj Sapkota 3 years ago

    I guess
    he’d left his school counting after 10.?

  • DaTux91 3 years ago

    Please don’t take his twitter away from him. It’s probably the outlet that has prevented him from actually doing stuff.

  • Gavin Sherlock 3 years ago

    trumps near the top of the moron chart, daddy would finally be proud.

  • Geronimo 3 years ago

    If he was going to do what’s best for the world he would eat a bowl of rat poison.

  • Mr Hackett 3 years ago

    What a time to be alive – when the next extinction level event could begin with a tweet from the Chump in Chief.

  • Funky Monkey1886 3 years ago

    “I’ll do what’s right for the US and the rest of the world”. Well the rest of the world would be quite happy if you’d fuck off Donald. So go on do what’s right.

  • Daniel Martin 3 years ago

    The speech rate is flattery to Trumps IQ, slow it downer tho.


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