Trump Does A ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ On DACA

Published on January 11, 2018

When it comes to the Dreamers Act, the President is going back and forth between two states of mind. (And not ‘stable’ and ‘genius.’)

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  • Bored Person 1 year ago

    Prison update rule: Cheeseburgers on Fridays

  • Turbid TG1 1 year ago

    If you think this is bad, this might be how Trump will be in front of Mueller but probably 10 times worse! In the past decade, he has had over 4,000 lawsuits!

  • boonlincoln 1 year ago

    Monologue Order:
    1. Stephen Gets In A Few Words Before Trump’s Libel Crackdown
    2. Trump Does A ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ On DACA

  • Cauvin Moreau 1 year ago

    DACA-blocked lmaoooooo

  • Toad Jiang 1 year ago

    *Breaking News* : Yesterday President Trump just told his 2,000th lie in office! By comparison even Nixon only told 67 lies during his over 5 years in office! It’s many times more than the lies told by all other presidents combined! And Trump did all this in less than one year! This is no doubt the greatest achievement in the history of lying! And ironically, Trump has also said “believe me!” like 10,000 times.

  • The Elliot Equation 1 year ago

    I wish we could move on from this clown already… I’m so drained from all these politics!

  • Tweety Tweety 1 year ago

    Shout out to non-existent Normay

  • GetCucked 1 year ago

    That orange dude is a clown

  • MforZorro | Movesets 1 year ago

    “Everyone is so unfair, I wish I could just decide all things… like some kind of Reichskanzler.”

  • 00 0 1 year ago

    *You people are so lucky I gave you the privilege to vote for me. — Donald Trump*

  • Jose Banuelos 1 year ago

    This is why I stay up so late. Finally!

  • Dahkittydoonsta 1 year ago

    Turn on captions. Pause at 3:06. “Prime minister” replaced with “3R50EU78”


  • Ry Sun 1 year ago

    Kushner’s plans to overhaul the prison system includes a presidential suite

  • Zeldalover209 1 year ago

    I was ready to hear him say he was gonna meet Prince Shapalapadapalapadingdong

  • Jesse Torres 1 year ago

    As some1 from a border state, I just want to say that it was reported that no Congressman or Senator (Democrat or Republican) from the 4 border states will support the vote for the border wall, and an article shows that the states that want the wall the most are almost all landlocked states. Here’s 4 main reasons why the border wall won’t work/is not worth the money hence why border state politicians don’t support it: 1) Odds are that if the U.S. ends up paying for it, we will have to pay more for it now and more than likely our states will pay additional taxes for repairs, upkeep, and security which other states won’t. 2) More immigrants from Mexico are returning home than entering the U.S. since their economy is growing so building a wall will make it hard for them to leave the country, and even those that do keep coming all they need are tunnels and boats to get around it. 3) Back when George Bush Jr. initiated a plan to build a fence, only 1/3 of the 1,900 miles got fenced because the border isn’t just flat terrain for the entire distance; there are mountains, rivers (Rio Grande), desert, the occasional forest, and the California fault line, all of which make building any significant structure nearly impossible in those areas. 4) 1 article online said the current border wall plan would be for the government to close off/take all land owned within 10 miles of the wall on both sides of the border and prevent any future development to better guard the border, but with many cities (San Diego and El Paso for example) so close to the border, millions would lose their homes/jobs and would be displaced. So, ultimately, when you look at the facts for possibility of success and consider how this border wall would hurt Americans/the American economy, it is not worth it.

  • Jesse Torres 1 year ago

    3 things to keep in mind about DACA/Dreamers. 1) 93% of those in DACA have a job, a house, a car, or a college degree (and debt), so if they were all deported who then makes those payments? Answer: American citizens will make up that difference. 2) The 800,000 people in DACA/Dreamers pay a fee of $500.00 a year as part of the program to stay (which proves the statement that immigrants contribute nothing to our society false). So without them paying this fee, that’s $400 million (as well as monthly payments into Social Security) just gone at a time we need it. 3) DACA doesn’t just protect Hispanics/Latinos in the U.S.; about 8,500 are Africans, 25,000 are Asians, and 13,000 are White Europeans, all of whom could face deportation as well. And I doubt that President Trump and the Republicans in Congress will realize this/make the distinction when that happens.

    For the record, I am a Mexican-American who was born in Texas (as were both of my parents), but I think it’s wrong for us to deport 800,000 people since just from a business/economic standpoint (since the Republicans wanted/elected a supposedly good businessman to run the country), ending DACA is a horrible decision for these reasons. There are many problems with America but DACA recipients/Dreamers are not the key reasons for them, and there are many case studies that have shown that our economy benefits from immigrants/their children on our society in the long run. 1 last question: Can we at the very least make it easier/faster for people to come to the U.S. legally and become American citizens? I looked it up, and the shortest time period for a foreign to become a citizen takes 6 years but it can take as long as 20 years, and this is part of the reason why so many come here illegally in the 1st place.

  • Jesse Torres 1 year ago

    People who are unaware/misled on the subject of immigration/refugees ask “Why don’t immigrants come here legally or stay here if they know they are illegal?,” “If they are here why don’t they apply for citizenship to stay?,” “Why should we keep them here if they are taking jobs away from Americans?,” and “Why should we care about immigrants/refugees if they don’t benefit the country/me personally?” Well I have a few answers/explanations.

    Many Americans don’t realize how hard applying for/earning legal status takes. Much like achieving refugee status/vetting to seek asylum (which can take up to 2 years), getting legal immigration status can take 1-4 years no matter where you come from. If you have a relative who is an American/some1 sponsoring you then you can save time, but most immigrants/refugees don’t. Whether you are an immigrant, refugee, or asylum seeker, no 1 from any country can get on a plane and become a citizen overnight regardless of what conservatives/isolationists claim. According to the Constitution, only citizens can vote in our elections (not immigrants/refugees), and if you vote illegally you go to jail. And I found that the best case scenario for some1 to legally earn U.S. citizenship takes at the minimum 6 years (seriously, try planning a family vacation 6 years in advance and hope that no 1 dies/is born or something affects your plans).

    If some1 wants to come to the U.S. legally for work/an education and they are willing to put in the time (several years)/money (tens of thousands of dollars) to do so we have no right to deport them (regardless of their race, religion, origins, or native language) since this is the idea of the American dream. Despite President Trump’s travel bans (which have all failed in the courts), it’s unconstitutional to ban people based on national origin without valid reasons. When people are trying to escape civil war, crimes, or poverty and seek shelter in the U.S. sometimes their only option is to take the risk and come illegally then seek citizenship once they are here. Now I will admit that any1 coming into the country illegally is committing a crime, but if we made it easier/faster to come in legally then we would have fewer illegal immigrants in America. And studies have shown that immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers commit fewer crimes as a % of their population than native-born citizens (because they know they would receive harsher sentences/be deported if convicted).

    By law, businesses/corporations aren’t supposed to hire illegal immigrants (and sometimes refugees/asylum seekers) and instead report them to be deported, but they often don’t. They hire illegal immigrants/refugees, because they can be paid less than the U.S. minimum wage/not be guaranteed benefits. That said, illegal immigrants/refugees who have jobs do pay taxes which benefits our economy, but unless they become legal citizens, most never receive government-funded benefits like social security, food stamps, and Medicare/Medicaid (and those who do have to live/work in the U.S. for 5 years 1st). Whenever some1 claims illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans, this is only part right. Many don’t have the equivalent of a high school education so they often take jobs as farmers, construction workers, maids, gardeners, janitors, and restaurant workers, which are jobs many Americans don’t typically want. And many manufacturing/coal mining jobs were lost due to automation/outsourcing, while legal immigrants tend to have college educations/the capability to start business and create jobs in the U.S.

    Finally, many people who come here illegally or seek refugee/asylum status don’t tend to stay for more than a few years (some do but not the majority), and they work to earn money to send back to their families or seek safe heaven until they can return home. When they do get a job, they are jobs that many of us don’t want, but if a boss hired an illegal immigrant/refugee over an American, why aren’t you mad at the person who didn’t hire you because you would be paid more? President Trump’s border wall (as The Young Turks have pointed out) won’t keep immigrants/refugees out, and make keeping them in easier. Nowadays the fastest growing groups of immigrants are Latin Americans (the 7 countries south of Mexico) and East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, and Indians), while more Mexican immigrants are returning home in recent years. And without cheap immigrant/overseas labor, the prices of everyday goods would go up since they will cost more to make here by American workers.

    Overall we do have an illegal immigration/refugee problem, but there are solutions we can take to solve the problem asides from deporting them all. And despite the negative rhetoric by some, America benefits more from immigrants/refugees than we are hurt by them. If you read all of this, thank you and share your thoughts/opinions.

  • New Message 1 year ago

    Kushner should be the first Ambassador to Nambla. Luckily, there’s a good chance Trump thinks that’s a country in Africa.

  • John Guerrero 1 year ago

    We are living in a parallel Universe where Donald Trump is now President- now this damn time travelers are sprinting to try and correct this universe where Trump has collapsed mentally due to space and Quantum physics unstable reaction to time traveling… oh yeah and this acid is pure awesomeness.. <3
    fix this Aholes
    kindly please

  • Hans Aaraas 1 year ago

    As a bona fide Normegian, I enjoyed this clip immensely


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