Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself: A Closer Look

Published on November 23, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at Trump firing one of his lawyers after she claimed the election was rigged as part of a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, the Republican governor of Georgia and the president of Venezuela – who died seven years ago.

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  • Timothy Correy 2 months ago


  • Queen of Sautées 2 months ago

    I believe Obama convinced Biden to run for President

  • Master D 2 months ago

    i saw just the tumbnail of some videos that the youtubers were talking about conspiracys with no real confirmation

  • monicang01 2 months ago

    A- If in fact the machines were from Venezuela, well that speaks volume of the incompetence of the Trump administration. I mean it happened on their watch. You reeeeally can’t blame anyone else on that ooopsy.
    B- Giuliani should be subjected to a drug test. Just saying.

  • Tyler Townsend 2 months ago

    If god loved them he wouldn’t have given them aids in the first place.

  • jessica santos 2 months ago

    No recordaba en que año murió Chávez, gracias Seth

  • Rich Rohini 2 months ago

    Trump: “Imagine losing to a guy like that”
    Joe Biden: C’mon Donnie ,who’s the boss now😂🤣

  • Henri Meli 2 months ago

    70+millions Americans voted for 4 more years of this nonsense.

  • Kevin Strom 2 months ago

    You know who I can’t wait to get their comeuppance? That cocky blond on the Trump legal team who I don’t even think is a lawyer. The only thing I’ve ever seen her do is yell at the media. That’s going to be a great day when she gets hers.

  • Frank D 2 months ago

    Now I see why everyone is in love with Trump?

  • Elfin Dude 2 months ago

    Never commented before but the smack down on Dennis Miller 😂😂😂it’s about time😂😂

  • JOHN Cliffe 2 months ago

    Biden is a communist Trump is a narcissist I have come to believe the hole election system in this country is a shitshow it’s all a lie to begin with we don’t have a choice it’s just the illusion of choice this country’s already run by China George Soros is already in control one thing Trump did was what he wanted to do wine is not going to do anything except make us even more of a

  • Carolyn Ryals 2 months ago

    The cult of trump has been wound up so tightly by trump and his enablers that it will take years of being exposed to sanity for them to even start to unwind and hopefully start to have some semblance of a normal life 🙄!

  • Anthony S 2 months ago

    The rats are starting to leave the sinking ship.

  • Dr. Wachter 2 months ago

    6 million votes that’s alot of votes folks¡🍊🙈🙉🙊❄ #StaySafe #DumpTrump2020

  • Vok250 2 months ago

    Trumps crew is unironically like the death eaters or Dr Evils henchmen. It’s like he actively seeks to employ the most evil people on earth.

  • Emily Sproul 2 months ago

    Televise all future court proceedings related to the election and boom, they will either lie in court or tell the truth on tv

  • Ryan "Ducky" Georgieff 2 months ago

    Spot on Dennis Miller!

  • Kronos Time 2 months ago

    Dear tRump supporters

  • Sean Bohan 2 months ago

    Being too crazy for Lou Dobbs and Fox makes Sidney Powell just right for Trump’s legal team. That’ll spice up the ol’ resume!


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