Trump Disappears into Seclusion; Greene Says She Would’ve “Won” Jan. 6 Riot: A Closer Look

Published on December 12, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at far-right congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joking that they would have been “armed” and would have “won” if her and Steve Bannon had been in charge of the January 6 insurrection.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Day 3 months ago

    I bet Mike Pence doesn’t like what MTG said, so basically she’s saying she would have succeeded in hanging him. 😂😂😂😂

  • W 3 months ago

    The Twitter Files…was essentially Elon Musk & The GOP Self-Owning themselves.

  • frankbooth5150 3 months ago

    MTG is an embarrassment to women in general.

  • Nancy Ellen Living-Co-creatively 3 months ago

    We will need a lot of popcorn and friends when these seditionsists move in. Learn and resist alt reality language and know it’s gaslighting. 🙏🏽🌹

  • Arlés Valencia 3 months ago

    Amazing timing man!!!

  • Agent Smith 3 months ago

    More Impressions Seth


  • spectreshadow 3 months ago

    Imagine worshiping a coward.

  • Tenebrousoul 3 months ago

    Time to jail Republicans. Just, all Republicans.

  • Robert Lee 3 months ago

    Like Donald Trump says like noone has ever seen before

  • Simura Gemi 3 months ago

    I’ll believe MTG and Bannon would have been armed, but it would have been to insurrect the Capital and they would have still lost.

  • Zachariah Lone Star Liberal 3 months ago

    If only trump would disappear!

  • Zelda's videos 3 months ago

    “I would have committed treason better”

  • Err gag 3 months ago

    Since the Russians are insisting Paul Whelan is a spy, and they want one of their spies in exchange. I suggest we give them Trump.

  • Space Force Commander 3 months ago

    Republican & Fox News playbook: Never accept responsibility, always blame others for their mistake.

  • ToxicTrump Tube 3 months ago

    “Trump disappears” stop teasing me 😅

  • Hodapp 3 months ago

    Seth’s Melania Trump was really bad this time. It’s usually spot on. Sometimes in listen like a podcast and I think he actually got Melania as a guest and have to back up and check. He must have a cold or something. His Trump was good tho so idk maybe he’s depressed someone should check on him.

  • 傭兵Cloud 3 months ago

    That’s odd considering the fact that Trump literally can’t live without the spotlight l.

  • DryBones271 3 months ago

    Greene needs to be locked in a box, taken to a deserted island, and left there. She can be let out of that box though.

  • Sherman Culbertson 3 months ago

    I honestly have no idea how I would’ve gotten through this wild and insane year with Seth. Thank you to everyone at Late Night for always making us laugh and smile.

  • L W 3 months ago

    Margarine Tater Greenbean most definitely helped Bannon plan the insurrection. And the DID have guns. They just couldn’t bring them.


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