Trump Defends Kavanaugh Amid FBI Probe & Makes a Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada | The Daily Show



  • Lori Spears 6 months ago

    Holy Crap People…we need to pay attention…Vote them out of office!! Trevors is a comedian but he brings up some really good points!!

  • Steven C 6 months ago

    Once again, thank you Trevor for putting a smile on my face when most of the news makes me feel awful because Trump is insane.

  • F M 6 months ago

    He speaks Spanish now but he locks up their kids.

  • Jítéńđŕá šîvâ 6 months ago

    Trevor we totally agree with Trump there lol 😂😂😂

  • Sick Game Squad 6 months ago

    Yay! Kavanaugh was confirmed as SCOTUS today.

  • Wisanu Risser 6 months ago

    Trump loves the fall, hence why his true pumpkin spice self can’t help but reveal itself

  • David Anthony 6 months ago

    America’s justice system is now based on a Bros before Hoes frat boy philosophy. Chicks are tricks Supreme Court justice! Ass Clown Pussy Grabbing, Beer and boobs mentality! MAGA, Party Hardy, celebrate with Brett Kavanaughty!

  • THE NIHILANTH 6 months ago

    kill him

  • Lyne Love Cadiente 6 months ago

    I cry on those very few moments that leaders show honesty. Wooohooo!!! Trump for not drinking beer. 🍻

  • Robbie Backpacking 6 months ago

    Literally taking Canada’s Milk Money lol

  • Danny Velasquez 6 months ago

    For the first time I found the orange ass kinda funny. He mostly told the truth about himself as a bad drunk.

  • Ann Hiller 6 months ago

    Trump + a big fat blunt = 💖💯

  • Janet Bosley 6 months ago

    Trump you are a Mess

  • Mateo vazquez 6 months ago

    Id like to see Trump trolls use this as leverage.
    “😜 He’s an amazing president, he gave us more lactose. He’s a friggin genius.”

  • Think Alike Subscribe together we Stonger 6 months ago

    Loco !!!!

  • Boss Namy 6 months ago

    You’ll think comedy Central was sad for Clinton losing the elections? I don’t think so. Donald Trump is good for their business, probably good for American business too. Either ways, Donald Trump is the real deal for America. 🏃🏃🏃

  • peachcakes 6 months ago

    That self roast he did was amazing. He’s becoming self aware.

  • tr0phy hunt3r14 6 months ago

    I’ve made this comment on a similar video when Trump says he’s “Never had a beer in my life.” Ladies & gentlemen of the jury, I give you Donald Trump having a beer post match celebration with Stone Cold Steve Austin & Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 23 after the three men shaved Vince McMahon’s head bald. You’re welcome.

  • oegaboy 5 months ago

    If Trump drank alcohol, i’m sure we would have a second Boris Yeltsin.
    I just mean that that dude is a drunk legend. Making revolutionary legislations while not even remembering he made them the day after.

  • Christopher Harrison 5 months ago

    I am over NA and K should know that by know.


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