Trump Defends Kavanaugh Amid FBI Probe & Makes a Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada | The Daily Show

Published on October 1, 2018

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh by claiming “there are bad reports on everybody” and wastes no time bragging about his recent USMCA trade deal.



  • Lori Spears 11 months ago

    Holy Crap People…we need to pay attention…Vote them out of office!! Trevors is a comedian but he brings up some really good points!!

  • Steven C 11 months ago

    Once again, thank you Trevor for putting a smile on my face when most of the news makes me feel awful because Trump is insane.

  • F M 11 months ago

    He speaks Spanish now but he locks up their kids.

  • Jítéńđŕá šîvâ 11 months ago

    Trevor we totally agree with Trump there lol 😂😂😂

  • Sick Game Squad 11 months ago

    Yay! Kavanaugh was confirmed as SCOTUS today.

  • Wisanu Risser 11 months ago

    Trump loves the fall, hence why his true pumpkin spice self can’t help but reveal itself

  • David Anthony 11 months ago

    America’s justice system is now based on a Bros before Hoes frat boy philosophy. Chicks are tricks Supreme Court justice! Ass Clown Pussy Grabbing, Beer and boobs mentality! MAGA, Party Hardy, celebrate with Brett Kavanaughty!

  • THE NIHILANTH 11 months ago

    kill him

  • Lyne Love Cadiente 11 months ago

    I cry on those very few moments that leaders show honesty. Wooohooo!!! Trump for not drinking beer. 🍻

  • Robbie Backpacking 11 months ago

    Literally taking Canada’s Milk Money lol

  • Danny Velasquez 11 months ago

    For the first time I found the orange ass kinda funny. He mostly told the truth about himself as a bad drunk.

  • Ann Hiller 11 months ago

    Trump + a big fat blunt = 💖💯

  • Janet Bosley 11 months ago

    Trump you are a Mess

  • Mateo vazquez 11 months ago

    Id like to see Trump trolls use this as leverage.
    “😜 He’s an amazing president, he gave us more lactose. He’s a friggin genius.”

  • Think Alike Subscribe together we Stonger 11 months ago

    Loco !!!!

  • Boss Namy 11 months ago

    You’ll think comedy Central was sad for Clinton losing the elections? I don’t think so. Donald Trump is good for their business, probably good for American business too. Either ways, Donald Trump is the real deal for America. 🏃🏃🏃

  • peachcakes 11 months ago

    That self roast he did was amazing. He’s becoming self aware.

  • tr0phy hunt3r14 11 months ago

    I’ve made this comment on a similar video when Trump says he’s “Never had a beer in my life.” Ladies & gentlemen of the jury, I give you Donald Trump having a beer post match celebration with Stone Cold Steve Austin & Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 23 after the three men shaved Vince McMahon’s head bald. You’re welcome.

  • oegaboy 11 months ago

    If Trump drank alcohol, i’m sure we would have a second Boris Yeltsin.
    I just mean that that dude is a drunk legend. Making revolutionary legislations while not even remembering he made them the day after.

  • Christopher Harrison 10 months ago

    I am over NA and K should know that by know.


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