Trump Could Face Insurrection Criminal Referral, GOPers Vote Nay on Gay & Brittney Griner is Free!

Published on December 8, 2022

The holidays are upon us and everyone across the country is celebrating a little bit differently, 1 in 8 millennials have reportedly moved back in with their parents according to a new survey, the House of Representatives passed a bill to protect same-sex and interracial couples from our sketchy Supreme Court, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri gave an impassioned plea warning that the bill has us headed down the road to damnation, the January 6th committee is considering criminal referrals for Donald Trump and his associates, the Justice Department got full access to the classified documents that were seized at Mar-A-Lago and now you can play along at home, WNBA star Brittney Griner is finally at home after spending a year in prison in Russia, Kanye reportedly owes the State of California $600K in back taxes, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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  • Jase L 1 year ago

    Who made that Mar-A-Lego setup? LMAO Must have taken a lot of time. The detail was amazing.

  • BanG 1 year ago

    Hilarious they play the religious victim when their religion is all over the place. Keep religion out of the government plz.

  • J P 1 year ago

    Nothing on the antics of the other politicians huh? Hunter? Hillary? Potato head himself? Fake fauci? Ya one sided. Typical.

  • Tom B 1 year ago

    I would pay for that Lego set. That would be a hoot to build… Can we also get Trump tower lego set as well? (complete with protestor mini figs?

  • Maria Reyes 1 year ago


  • Billy TK 1 year ago

    Yep Dem’s slogan now is ‘Anything for a vote!’

  • Bret Burt 1 year ago

    I would buy that Leggo set!

  • INFO HELP DESK 1 year ago

    Sweet They Vape

  • Steve Johnson 1 year ago

    Let’s CENSOR the Bidens Whitehouse

  • Jay Sasso 1 year ago

    What a Christmas present that would be!

  • John Carpenter 1 year ago

    All I want for Christmas is Trump in chains

  • Shevawn Macdonald 1 year ago

    I like the woman with the cell phone

  • Jamie Levine 1 year ago

    I need a Lego Donald Trump for Christmas


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