Trump Continues Attacks on Late Night Hosts

Published on March 15, 2019

Donald Trump continued his attack on the late night hosts, the senate passed a resolution to block Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, and Beto O’Rourke announced he’s running for President.

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  • Rameka Peita 1 month ago

    Hey RUMP, you sick sadistic bastard, you’re evil energy has now contaminated the streets of Christchurch New Zealand… I seriously hope you get what you deserve, evil like you needs to be eradicated from all humanity… If there’s any justice in the world you will RUMP… Please judge & you will be judged this uglyness with the full force of the law…

  • Jondo Jondo 1 month ago

    Everyone who hates fascism, racism, dictators, narcissism, corruption, stupid, bigotry seem to be labeled as Trump haters.

  • Queenslander 1 month ago

    He said his favourite Late Night Host is Craig Kilborn.

  • The Fisher King 1 month ago

    On the plus side, Jimmy, at least you know your monologues are getting to the thin-skinned lunatic!!

  • Jerry Riddle 1 month ago

    It’s not bogus if you lived in Texas and around the boarder you would be speaking build wall also. It’s not a racist thing it is protection for those coming in and those around they are running through peoples property’s and these people have children and if you think for one min. All these people coming through are all good. If you do you are as ignorant as they come…kimmel why do you have a wall around your property if they don’t slow down or stop a intruder. This makes no sense for you elite to not see what is good for the majority of the people that Can’t build a wall around there houses keep them elite make me sick.

  • vimaldob 1 month ago

    Leno is right…u guys only make comedy on Trump…u guys just run out of ideas I guess

  • turea dumonceau 1 month ago

    When he’s not president I am literally going to dance in the streets!

  • RedDeadRustler 1 month ago

    The separated church from state has spoken!

  • Chris Cairns 1 month ago

    Keep up the good work! You guys are wearing the orange wig wearing ham down!,

  • Pan Holo 1 month ago

    kayne west 2020

  • Thomas Norton 1 month ago

    Trump is just a child he has never or will he ever do anything a man is called on to do he doesn’t got the backbone the balls or the salt to be a man

  • Robert Mailloux 1 month ago

    He is not worth it.Nancy Pelosi.

  • Dann Rose 1 month ago

    Seriously it’s not funny anymore like making fun of someone or being “on people” aren’t jokes. It’s dry.

  • Don Vito 1 month ago

    Manchild In Chief

  • Itala de Silva 1 month ago

    Trump continues attack on late night hosts ??? Seriously. The late night hosts have been shitty to him from day one. Find some other jokes guys . U all sound like broken records . !!!

  • Matthew Rodriguez 1 month ago

    I can’t believe people will vote for a guy who does nothing but tweet instead of working hard as a President should…..RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

  • Shadow Qween 1 month ago

    Pat shut up u roasted price of dookie

  • vsboy 25 1 month ago

    Late night hosts should be jailed

  • Adrian Toko 1 month ago

    Hand movements? Talking about himself.

  • Student Loans Are Cool 1 month ago

    Must be executive time.


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