Trump Claims Robert E. Lee Would Have Won the War in Afghanistan: A Closer Look

Published on September 9, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the Biden administration ousting several Trump holdovers from military academy boards, while Trump claims Confederate General Robert E. Lee would have won the war in Afghanistan.

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  • Guda's World 1 year ago

    Another show about what a idiot says….. He has brought Idiocracy to “smart” people….. How about promoting a way to end wildfires? Lets see, endlessly yammer on about everything a complete moron says or do something positive with your time….. Like end wildfires maybe…..

  • John Davis 1 year ago

    Grant: great general, 2nd most corrupt president in US history. He was first until tRump.

  • Empress of the Known Universe 1 year ago

    Please, it can’t be just me: 6 STORIES TALL?!!

  • Jacob Herter 1 year ago

    Glory holes aren’t very deep Seth

  • JC Solis 1 year ago

    If Robert E. Lee was alive today, i don’t know if even he’d want to be associated with Trump. 😅

  • H H 1 year ago

    Let’s not forget the true phrase uttered by Paul Revere, “One, if by land, two, if by sea and three, if by British Airways”

  • Lu Woods 1 year ago

    Thanks to the tech’s for upping the volume a bit.
    These jackal ears ain’t what they used to be ; )

  • Skitz Abod 1 year ago

    Why are you still giving him a voice? While he was “President” no one could wait until they didn’t have to talk about him anymore, yet here we are… still talking about him.

  • Serge Somborac 1 year ago

    Twitter banned Trump from tweeting… I wish we could ban him from talking.

  • KittySnicker 1 year ago

    I really want a Ulysses S Grant statue now. And why does Trump like Lee? I personally like statues of WINNERS

  • Brandon Bowden 1 year ago

    That Peter Griffin impression was roughhh😂

  • retsof sivart netloc 1 year ago

    It was a civil war fought over states rights. Not unlike what’s happening in Texas.

  • Ryan William 1 year ago

    It’s pretty simple. He’s keeping Afghanistan in the news because it hurts Biden’s popularity

    He changes the headlines when he does something unpopular. Don’t. Feed. the. Troll.

  • Alain Archambault 1 year ago

    The only way Lee could’ve “won the war in Afghanistan” or anyone for that matter is if you’d have glassed the place. Can’t change idealogy by bombing them. That being said, the “war” was “won” for twenty years. It was time to let it go.

  • Jennifer Johnson 1 year ago

    Frumpy boy is always trolling his base and they are too stupid to catch on. SMH

  • The Long Khan 1 year ago

    Captain bonespurs is THE expert on all things war

  • kityumcashco kityumcashco 1 year ago

    Robert E Lee couldn’t even win in America.

  • loran elizabeth 1 year ago

    As a brief aside, I am SO honoring newer PBS shows- and several others, treating “other ‘skin colors’ as equals. About daggone time!

  • Robert Wheeler 1 year ago

    Lee was a good general working with a lack of resources but he fought that war almost exclusively in Virginia and made many mistakes as did all the generals during the civil war. Was he a genus, the history would suggest no. Was he hamstrung by the civilians in the confederate government, yes. There is no reason to believe that Lee would have had any better luck with the political system today.

  • jrpz57 1 year ago

    Sell it for SCRAP!!!


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