Trump Claims Hospitals Are Hoarding Medical Supplies

Published on March 31, 2020

On this presidential episode of “Hoarders” we take a look at the number one hoarder of medical supplies: hospitals. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #ColdOpens

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  • Ann van de Kew 2 months ago

    The Trump administration is the Zombie Apocalypse:
    Eric, Guilliani, Stephen Miller and Trump with his weird hair and skin
    now, the Corona virus…

  • Ann van de Kew 2 months ago

    I’m alright now, but last week I was in rough shape. My daughter.cracked up the car. She hit a deer… it was in the zoo

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 2 months ago

    Trump just wants attention and raise for such a terrible job he’s doing

  • Brian Walsh 2 months ago

    Hospitals hoarding hospital supplies huh? That’s not how they operate. (No pun intended) But all this talk about buying machines reminded me to ask Traitor Trump why his lover/daughter Ivanka why she bought all those voting machines? They make really ugly decorations so the only reason could be to reverse-engineer them and make them easy to hack into, then sell them under a shell company name to help her daddy commit fraud once again. Nah, maybe I’m just paranoid. I’ve always wanted my own voting machine. It’ll look lovely in the living room next to the piano.

  • Nitro-Nick 2 months ago

    Absolute scum! How can such an egotistical maniac still be a leader of a democratic First World country?!

  • Snowcone Guy 2 months ago

    Literally the only person on earth that deserves the virus,
    just to learn some f***ing respect for the medical workers.

  • D E 2 months ago

    Can I just note that Russian trolls in the comment sections everywhere are pushing the idea that Coronavirus is a hoax, and that you have to keep interacting and working etc etc? I have noticed it for weeks. It’s always Russian trolls they even copy and paste the same sentences (with incorrect spelling)….. Just noticing.

  • Burako Shimazaki 2 months ago

    I’ve also heard hospitals hoard all the nurses and doctors, and other various medical supplies and personnel. It’s disgusting! Think of all the people that could be helping! (ーー;

  • Homer J. Simpson 2 months ago

    Meanwhile, Doughnald sits in the basement hoarding hamberders…

  • Andy 2 months ago

    F**ing hospitals! HOW DARE THEY! Don’t they know we are in the middle of a pandemic?!

  • SIStefanov 2 months ago


  • Jessica Turner 2 months ago

    This piece 😂😂 Trump 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ does that man even have a rock bottom? Asking for a friend

  • T. Munn 2 months ago

    Imagine that. Hospitals hoarding medical supplies. Can’t imagine why. Of course it’s all Trumpian BS.

  • Katzztar 2 months ago

    WTF X___X

    I heard several Social commenters (had to differ from YouTube comments and the like lol) say the only way we will get rid of Trump is in Nov. elections. But can our country really wait that long? His behavior is making things worse!

  • Ross Carlson 2 months ago

    History will not remember “president” Trump or the GOP kindly at all – they will be a cautionary tale for future generations about how hate, bigotry and divisiveness can and will tear a nation apart.

  • randall2020 2 months ago

    Independent hospitals and hospital chains are simply private hospitals ripping off the ill for their investors.

  • Jorn Navarre 2 months ago

    I know for a fact that Trump had been hoarding stupidity for YEARS ! He’s got enough for 100 people but insists on using it all himself !!

  • dafttool 2 months ago

    Come this November,
    *We the People* will remember,
    Who upheld the *Constitution,*
    And who were guilty of corruption.

    We have the numbers,
    And they can’t get any dumber.
    We are taking our country back,
    And bringing back *Math, Science & FACTS.*

    Let’s hope. 🙏
    But better yet, 🇺🇸
    *LET’S VOTE!!* 🗽

  • Sonal Sharma 2 months ago

    If hospitals aren’t supposed to “hoard” ventilators and other PPE, for enormous patient influxes, and to protect their staff.
    Who else is supposed to?

    What will an individual do of a ventilator, when he doesn’t know how to operate it?

    And aren’t the industries producing ventilators so that the hospitals can have them?

    So now having something necessary is known as hoarding it?

  • s p 2 months ago

    Hospitals are not just hoarding supplies, they are also hoarding patients. We should take supplies and patients away from them and turn them into golf courses and hotels.


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