Trump Celebrates His 75th Birthday 

Published on June 15, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, June 14.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Fantasmister 11 months ago

    “Roobot”. I’ll miss this casual, friends mucking about tone to Late Night when they inevitably return to the polished “normal” show. It’s much improved like this, and has been the silver lining of a deadly global pandemic.

  • Kirsty Sinclair 11 months ago

    I really hope this is the last birthday than mango Mussolini ever gets .

  • Michael Hernandez 11 months ago

    Seth’s closer looks always are great and Keenan is always funny the whole crying talking bit didn’t like it but your competing with Nightline…so try for Michael Che with pop in from Dave Chappelle 😁😁😁 l never miss your monologue.

  • Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius 11 months ago

    Toobin must be relieved bow that it’s all over and he’s been hired again. CNN contract says “Hands where we can see them”.

  • Penny Lane 11 months ago

    What’s a text chain? That an Apple thing?

  • Colby Johnston 11 months ago

    why was the end cut so abrupt ??

  • Joshwa Crasta 11 months ago

    No it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday here in India 😒

  • Waryaa Wariiri 11 months ago

    At least Pres. Biden knows Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are located in the Baltics as opposed to the Balkans as last guy thought.

  • Phrayd edjez 11 months ago

    “Monday for all of us”? Not me, Its Tuesday In Australia. CHEWZDAYYY MATE

  • BaMenace 11 months ago

    Released 27 min ago… and 0:05 Seth says” it’s Monday for all of us.”
    UMM EXCUSE ME! It’s 19:35hrs on Tuesday the 15th of June here in Australia….!

  • KiwiNate41 11 months ago

    We ALL celebrate Trumps birthday! It’s a landmark that makes him closer to death in our minds lol.

  • Shruti N 11 months ago

    Some of us live in other countries, Seth! It’s Tuesday in India!

  • Nathan Weber 11 months ago

    Duuuude… Thank you for making me laugh. It sucks when you go on vacation my man. I get it as a dad . Bless you and your family and crew. Fucking hilarious!!!

  • Unfolding Ideas 11 months ago

    Didn’t you mean “RuPaul” bots. It’s Pride month after all.

  • Rocky Slope 11 months ago

    Today was Flag Day 🇺🇸 but liberals suffering from TDS chose to forget that and condemn Trump’s birthday instead.
    Edit: See replies below

  • Dave E. 11 months ago

    I’ve been caught in that situation before but thankfully only me and my brother are the only two that know about it. That guy practically broadcast it to the world. I give him serious credit for ever showing his face on television again.

  • Zealotes the Aussie 11 months ago

    So incidentally, I decided to introduced Boon to some hipster comedy, and there is a very acute and clever musical satire currently streaming called, ‘Inside Boon Burn Ham’. He’s especially interested, as it stars his namesake. We watched a sketch called ‘Narcissistic White LA Girl’s Instagram’….we were shocked. It undermines the whole achievement of the Feminist movement. How dare he mock young privileged skinny blonde rich white girls’ valid attempts to regain their social confidence and rightful place in a male-dominated misogynistic narrative in the current remote-working Insta-space. And he is in his thirties! I’m forty and am better informed on the gender equality narrative in the post-male space. But of course, being forty shouldn’t matter, and if any thirty year old says so, that is flagrant age-ism and elder abuse, and I will go to HR today and file a complaint of ageist bullying. I was a bit depressed yesterday, as I saw this forty year old dad in the public play space wearing a checked Grown and Boned shirt and sneakers with his two small sons, and he wasn’t carrying a latte or wearing a hand-woven beanie or timberland boots…and he still looked happy and centred! He looked like a guy I saw on late night NNBC streaming, but Boon was focused on existentially analysing the psychological benefits of nature-engagement play equipment, so we didn’t speak, and then we just left to go to a poetry reading in the Village.

  • The Artisan Geek 11 months ago

    Seth said roobots and immediately got a vision of the correction jackals running to their keyboards 🏃🏃🏃

  • William Wallace 11 months ago

    BrOUGHT in the RUBAS 🤣😂🤣😂 ROBLOX LOL🤖🤖


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