Trump Celebrates Almost Getting Kicked Out of the White House

Published on February 7, 2020

Trump does a victory lap at the National Prayer Breakfast after his acquittal, we compare his speech to President Obama’s, Don Jr. goes after Mitt Romney, and we go through his incredible resume.

MASH-UP: Obama vs.

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  • thegangstagentle 8 months ago

    Please go and vote guys because jokes and impeachment obviously do not work against the NRA party

  • Rocky 8 months ago

    Not purposely! Saint trump

  • Techie 8 months ago

    6:32 – “Bachelor *or* Science”
    Jimmy’s team should learn to proofread a presentation before they write jokes about people’s skills

  • DUKEOFSOUNDS 8 months ago

    Now his saying his trying to learn , im sure he has said he knows everything before .
    Dude trippin

  • The Wraith 8 months ago

    Republicans will never again be able to pretend that they’re the party of law and order and family values. They’re happily throwing both under the bus in order to defend a mentally unstable, draft dodger who writes/types at a 3rd grade level.

  • MrYoumitube 8 months ago

    After Trump’s Presidency, I will not be surprised if Kardashian or Bieber will run for office.

  • amclellan84 8 months ago

    Please never stop making these videos exposing this lunatic. ??

  • phil and Andrea o'brien 8 months ago

    Fantastic Bloody Tastic. ??????????? absolutely love the end.

  • 91 Miami 8 months ago

    us wondering: Who were our funniest presidents? … So you might think?? Nancy Pelosi ??????????

  • Inga Einars 8 months ago

    HE did not go through hell… The KIDS HE PUTS IN CAGES are in HELL!!! For him this was just another day!

  • bryonnajones 8 months ago

    Somebody is a sore loser

  • riplstrip 8 months ago

    The Orange Boofhead is such an Idiot, he doesn’t realise it himself. He is a Class 1 Clown, all the way.

  • TheMeefive 8 months ago

    Lol Donald Trump wasn’t almost thrown out of the White House. Only deluded people thought it was possible.

  • macsmith2013 8 months ago

    Trump never did anything wrong on purpose?
    Oh, I’m sure he just slipped on a banana peel and his little mushroom landed in Stormy Daniels.
    And Karen McDougal.
    And every other woman he cheated on his wifes with.

  • Zana Karim In China 8 months ago

    I think you should stop with this kind of show .. because it’s USA we know USA very well same politics with a different president of different face

  • P wie Pepe 8 months ago

    In a Trump world, moral have no meaning any more. What is wrong with the American society?

  • James Boone 8 months ago

    Those people who pressed the dislike button. They are the truly uneducated Americans. I feel bad for them.

  • Crystal M 8 months ago

    Was that trump jr. or a bobble head??

  • Delanie Murray 8 months ago

    We will vote out IQ45 and his butt hurt fake Christian Trumpturds!

  • Neellee Stenat 8 months ago

    I think you need to stop all these jokes about Trump, after the impeachment and all the accusations failed, because you look like a dog that barks but can’t bite


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