Trump Cares About Size So Much, It’s Almost Like He’s Insecure About Something

Published on October 11, 2021

Today we celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Columbus Day (even though he was a jerk who never actually set foot in North America), Congressmonster Marjorie Taylor Greene misspelled “Colombus” in a tweet commemorating the day, Donald Trump is the subject of yet another tell-all book that sheds light on his celebration of the insurrection crowd size, having to do multiple takes of his message denouncing the rioters, treating supporters in Des Moines to an hour and forty three minutes of bitching about losing the election, plus a new edition of This Week in Florida, a pill to fight COVID is on the way, NBA player Kyrie Irving is in a fix with the NBA because he won’t get vaccinated, LA’s new rules about proof of vaccination have forced a number venues around town to scrap some of their shows, and we sent a camera crew to San Francisco to trick Giants fans into betraying their team by rooting for the Dodgers in a new baseball playoff edition of “Traitor Schmoes.”

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  • Kimberly Oakes 2 years ago

    Happy thanksgiving

  • Chris Diaz 2 years ago

    You really have nothing else to talk about? You talentless, sellout of a peasant.

  • melbatoast667 2 years ago

    “No loyalty,” lmao!

  • H Hoyt 2 years ago

    This guy literally cannot get over Trump. Once again Trump as his main headline almost a year out of office. He NEEDS Trump for any interest in his show.

  • Zachary Leatherwood 2 years ago

    Impeach trump again again again!!!!!

  • InternetPepTalk 2 years ago

    Hw is this show still running?

  • Stephen Young 2 years ago


  • Peter Prentice 2 years ago

    I’m doing my own research . . . .what does that look like? . . . love it!!!!

  • Dillinger86 2 years ago

    Unless you’re a scientist, that is hosting clinical trials, that are then repeated and peer reviewed by other scientists in your field, then you are not doing research, you are just googling stuff to match your opinion! That is called confirmation bias.

  • Sky Christy Presents 2 years ago

    You’ve gone too far Kimmel.. I want to see you in Giants gear after the series, saying the Giants are #1, and Dodgers suck.. But only if Giants win series.. It’s not over yet..Are you up for a little action regarding the series winner??

  • trilithon108 2 years ago

    Love Trump standing in front of Save America sign. Says so much about what the country needs – saving from Trump!

  • Grand Paladin 2 years ago

    not a trump fan , but this title is just dump and not funny dude

  • Michael Lawrence 2 years ago

    Classic Jimmy at his best

  • Rebecca Licht 2 years ago

    I hate Jeff Van Grundy but he was spot on there

  • Qi QI 2 years ago

    Grassley thinks Trump won the Election and Democracy lied about it. Now THAT’S America!


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