Trump Calls Sen. Kamala Harris Mean and Condescending

Published on August 14, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, August 13.

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  • Mihai Dinulescu 1 month ago

    Your graphics team is lazier than Major Lazer. Like google candy corn. Done job

  • Robin 1 month ago

    From this title one could think that Trump has evolved into a snowflake lol

  • James Viice 1 month ago

    still looking like you can bench, the bar, talk about a weak look, but your skin looks good, corny you are every day

  • Rob Meyers 1 month ago

    Unsubscribing tonight….find some new material… all Trump …ughhhhhh tired af

  • Sky Bison 1 month ago

    Mean and Condescending .. Isn’t that the reason why donald love ivanka?

  • M C 1 month ago

    Casting your vote is easy…
    Choose the better candidate, or in this year’s poll, the lesser or two evils.

  • US Army Ranger 1 month ago

    News Flash: Dear Mrs. Kamala Harris, The black vote for Vic-President Joe Biden is at a critical tipping point. The black militants on one side and the liberal democrats on the other side. A little advise from one of the militants is to offer publicly from jump street “free four year online college for every American”. Everything else can and should be negotiated. My vote will be for Harris/Biden not the other way around. Mrs. Kamala Harris I hope You understand that now is not the time for Black Voters to be unclear where your Loyalties lie. You need to prove that you are a Black Sister that knows where her loyalties are when it comes to equal justice for all.

  • Nonya Busi 1 month ago

    We are going into a new age. No sense in fighting it. Stone age, bronze age, etc, history and anthropology show mankind kills each other during transition from one age/era to the next. We are beyond cavemen. We need to just accept it and stop hurting each other.

  • ZQAN 1 month ago


  • go hard 1 month ago

    He has to be pissed he likes to call black people low I Q and now he got to deal with a Black women who has a law degree

  • Clark W. Griswold 1 month ago

    Remember when she defended Jussie Smolette and his staged lynching? Yeah, that was just 2 more jobs for black men, under the trump administration!!!
    “It was a modern day lynching” -Kamala Harris

  • Colleen B. Kelly, Author 1 month ago

    I like the dark shirt tonight Seth.

  • celeste taylor 1 month ago

    DonCon loves to talk about himself through other people 😂 😂 😂

  • Darkashtar 1 month ago

    Trump calling somebody mean makes me laugh so hard. Trump is like a wasp with a tiny tiny stinger that barely works.

  • Mjölnir Captain Sparkle finger's 1 month ago

    ah it makes perfect sense now (I’m not American 🙂 trump tried to corner the religious fanatic bible belt lunatic ignorant fringe ( Mormons & the like that elected GWB twice 😬)that’s why he chose Mike pence<--the bible bashing stiff in the corner 🤣

  • Adi-LMNOP 1 month ago

    who is seth myers?

  • AUTONOMEN x 1 month ago

    Pence and his Mother/Wife are still working on logistics for a debate involving a known temptress and Jezebel.
    A giant 1/2″ thick Lexan partition and a chastity belt are considerations. The belt for him, of course.

  • Zap Zarap 1 month ago

    Trump has taken your country hostage and probably more than half of you still don’t get it, he’s plundering your country, your environment, he’s stealing from you and laughing in your face. It is incomprehensible to me that you don’t all have to throw up immediately when you see him!

  • Christina Keenan 1 month ago

    Mean and condescending? Sounds like a whiney little kid losing


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