Trump Calls for Biden to Get Drug Tested Before Debate

Published on September 29, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, September 28.

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  • Jake 7 months ago

    Well, cops get their salary from taxes. Trump is the one defunding the police here.

  • D in Adelaide 7 months ago

    I just can’t watch Meyers, Colbert, Oliver, Kimmel, etc. anymore… I can’t find the humour anymore. They have projected vicious hate against one person day after day, after day, after day for over 5 years. I do not get who would want to live like that or listen to that. every. single. day.

  • Emma H 7 months ago

    it is almost like I don’t want this truly weird time to end, just bc of the writers making Seth do the most hilarious jokes I have ever heard. Like a comedian torture chamber, and seriously, thank you! the best thing 2020! the laughs-the worst…eh we all know who and what. . . GJ TO EVERYONE DOING THIS SHOW AND Writers! Also: All comedians who sacrifice, themselves, daily to bring a little well-needed laughter to this troubling time. Things …cannot get weirder now, right? Omg I just called it. We’re screwed. But hey, at least, we can laugh in the mean time.

  • Little Mac86 7 months ago

    Blood test from both. On the spot. If you need to be clean to stock Walmart shelves. I feel our presidential candidates should be held to a much higher standard than retail employees.

  • James Connelly 7 months ago

    You need to rent a Shawshank Redemption room.

  • CAP198462 7 months ago

    How is Sea Captain taking this separation?
    I’d appreciate a “check-in”

  • TerminalCarrion 7 months ago

    So trump can refuse his tax returns but demand unwarranted drug tests?

  • Chris Parayno 7 months ago

    How about Trump get both a drug and a psychoanalysis test for safe measure too

  • Paul deTorch 7 months ago

    Biden should say “Ok…If you take a lie test”

  • Anita Flanagan-Uphouse 7 months ago

    You can’t drug test one and not the other. What kind of substance makes someone act like Trump? Does asshole come in pill or powder form?

  • sadie power 7 months ago

    A drug test for Biden , a Head transplant for Trump

  • James P 7 months ago

    Lie detector during debate & poop test to find out who’s full of BS

  • egil Hansen 7 months ago

    Biden should bring a test team to the stage and challenge Trump to take a test with him.

  • Shauna Allen 7 months ago

    Trump show us you academic.record, bank statements, health records, i.q. results, s.t.d. results, and the tapes Putin has on you.

  • Mai Mariarti 7 months ago

    This Trump dude is losing my interest. He needs new material.

  • Richard Miller 7 months ago

    First time Trump wanted more testing, not the first time he was in favor of making someone urinate for him…

  • Michael G 7 months ago

    I hope Biden whoops his ass!

  • Joseph King 7 months ago

    I’m doing fine, thanks for asking Seth or are you James Spader sitting in for Seth?

  • Camille Comeau 7 months ago

    I’d accept only if ask for Trump accept to be truth tested (using a lie detector) during the whole debate 😀


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