Trump Calls For An NFL Boycott, Watches The NFL

Published on September 27, 2017

The President calls for a boycott of professional football, then has a whole lot of opinions about the professional football game he just watched.

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  • GuruMaster 3 years ago

    Trump is a scumbag.
    Like if you agree

    If you support him you are a scumbag too

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    “I have plenty of time on my hands. I’m always working.”
    “Our president is a asshole”

  • sage walter 3 years ago

    Here is mine. Booooooo
    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Booooooooooooooooooooooo
    Enough for ya, Trumpy?

  • Bria Penn 3 years ago

    Honestly… how is he still president?

  • Adrian Duran 3 years ago

    Yogi Berra makes more sense than Donald Trump

  • Seanders 3 years ago

    Remember folks, 60% of Trump supporters will support him no matter what he does.
    What a great motto.

    Do we really have to wait for 3 years? ?

  • New Message 3 years ago

    He has plenty of time on his hands from all that working in the same way he’s Making America Great Again by burning it to the ground.

  • Alex Jones 3 years ago

    God I feel sorry for you Americans.
    Hopefully he can be forced out or something, such an idiot.

  • Shahzeb Khan 3 years ago

    U don’t understand folks….. He does a lot of work on Twitter (type the shits)……???

  • S.Agent Gadriel 3 years ago

    As the order is literally reversed, here is the actual order.
    Graham-Cassidy: The Latest TrumpCare Fail
    Trump Calls For An NFL Boycott, Watches The NFL
    Trump Would Help Puerto Rico If It Weren’t For That ‘Big Ocean”
    He Pulled Out A Gun And Won Alabama’s GOP Primary

  • SuperKane5 3 years ago

    “I have plenty of time on my hands, I’m always working”. What a Moron

  • Shayke Speeer 3 years ago

    Obligatory Patriotism is mandatory in North Korea. Let that sink in. Be careful what you wish for Trumpsters.

  • Mr_RGP 3 years ago

    I see teleprompter Trump is at it again.

  • 223Drone 3 years ago

    Only a incompetent manchild like Trump thinks NFL protesters is a bigger issue than Puerto Rico trying to recover from a hurricane and in desperate need of aid.

  • Matthew Snider 3 years ago

    “Don’t like it? Then you’re in ISIS.” Lmao

  • Edward 3 years ago

    “I’m not a divider, I’m a unifier.” -trump.

    Perhaps the greatest lie he’s told.

  • Teemu Laine 3 years ago

    Sounded like Joker Jared was in there hah.

  • ElementarWRRRYYY WRRRYYYcess 3 years ago

    “I’ve got plenty of time on my hands…”
    At this moment, Don knew he fucked up.
    “…all I do is work.”
    And then Don thought to himself, “What a smooth save”.

  • fickle heart 3 years ago

    *I’m the 500 likes!*

  • Andrew Jackson Stonewall 313 scorpion entertainment 3 years ago

    The truth hurts don’t it I mean the truth hurts that your faggot and you’re having sex with a man boss and doing ever what you have to do to make it right with Illuminati let me help you out here and then the Marines militia that 8 million of us that walked away from the government because of pedophilia you punk we’re going to come and pick you up in New York and you’re going to go with us to North Korea I’m going to drop you off I bet you were going to start liking this then you disrespect us one more time we’re going to destroy your fake Media news you got me ABC CBS NBC Fox CNN HLN I promise you do if anything happens to Donald Trump let him know and let the pedophile Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton Bush senior and Bush Junior know we’re coming the ex-cia agents are coming the ex-fbi agents the ex-nsa we are the Marines militia we are the Wikileaks we are Anonymous expect us and we’re about to ruin your Channel how do you like that fat boy we’re going to take your glasses and sticking straight up your ass and it’s going to make you bleed motherfucker.


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