Trump Calls for a Boycott of the NFL, Jared Kushner’s Private Email Server – Monologue



  • citizen hodor 10 months ago


  • Allison Speidel 10 months ago


  • Mister Black 10 months ago

    If USA declared War on #NKorea even in a tweet… there would be NO NKorea left to complain or mouth off. A message for #CrazyKim! #Dennis will you take this message to Crazy Kim since he is so in love with you?

  • Sugraf 10 months ago

    That Michael Bay burn is EVERYTHING!

  • Alica Lina Urban 10 months ago

    Yeah, about Merkel not looking like celebrating… You do realize the AfD got the third biggest amount of seats. I mean, they’re not crazy racist like your Pumpkin Head, but they are DEFINITLY racist, and CLEARLY homophobic. I’m trying not to lose my mind over here :/

  • Luna Meiloh 10 months ago

    Merkel looks like that, because 12.6% voted a right wing party into parliament. Not more, but bad enough.

  • Ladygothii12 10 months ago

    Why just a photo of two females, on one male…Oh wait nevermind

  • Flame Beats 10 months ago

    Should’ve voted for Jimmy McMillan and the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

  • anurag kumar 10 months ago

    Iif he gets impeached, I don’t think he will be able to recover after that. Like ever.

  • Josh Lobsenz 10 months ago

    Lemania Prump

  • Diane Patten 10 months ago

    Now the Trump administration has their own email scandal. oh, the irony. wonder when they will begin chanting to “lock HIM up”?

  • jzilla1234 10 months ago

    But His emails! LOCK HIM UP!

  • New Message 10 months ago

    Yeah NASCAR is all about respecting the flag!

    The Confederate one.. not the American one.

  • Dora Wang 10 months ago

    I don’t like NFL, but just for Trump, I will try to watch it from now on.

  • Grey McGregor 10 months ago

    How many Dotards does it take to start WW3 ??

  • Lacey J 10 months ago

    I think we should all be privy by now that Trump mainly picks controversial bullshit fights as a ploy of distraction for how evil, shitty, and ineffective is administration/party is being at the time, such as their third attempt to cram a last minute thoughtless healthcare bill through that the whole country hated, or as always, the Russia scandal. Also note the blatant racism of him jumping on African Americans peacefully protesting for a couple minutes and calling them SOBs, yet doubled down on white supremacists being victims and good Americans, as well as this exchange coming from his White House:

    *White House: “They should all be fired for kneeling, protest on your own time”*

    *ESPN’s Jemele Hill: comments on Trump thru personal twitter account on her own time*

    *White House: “She should be fired”*

    *America: 😑😑😑😖*

    Moral of the story kids, don’t be black or think you have rights. This is an authoritarian rule now.

  • Lieamove 10 months ago

    Merkel’s party (CDU) still has the most seats in parliament but they lost a lot of votes to the right-wing-populists (AfD) and their coalition partner (SPD) did, too. So they (SPD) don’t want to be in the government anymore. Merkel’s party (the conservatives) has to build a coalition with the liberals and the greens, now. Yeah, it’s going to be complicated…


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