Trump Called His Sexual Assault Accuser The ‘C-Word’

Published on December 12, 2017

The President has bragged about having an extensive vocabulary. According to one woman, he used one of his ‘many words’ on her.

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  • DeVonn Smith 1 year ago

    fucking awful

  • Zachary Xavier 1 year ago

    Trump being a piece of shit to women? In other news, the sky is blue.

  • Shravan Parthasarathy 1 year ago

    same video twice

  • Patrick Holmes 1 year ago

    Just read the article and sure enough it said, “it’s life.”

  • NARUHOTEL 1 year ago

    Life lessons from Donald Trump:
    Q. What do you do when shit hits the fan?
    A. Learn to live life as a piece of shit.

  • PC BEAST Nvidia 1 year ago

    lmao so russia fake story is losing steam so now get back to false sexual accusation .

  • aciarduce 1 year ago

    Double upload… very nice.

  • Woody Would 1 year ago

    “It’s life, but you could plead that out to 30 years if you rat out Don Jr.” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • New Message 1 year ago


  • camelshit 1 year ago

    Just gonna do my trump bashing of the day and be done.

    trump, please resign. For the sake of your country, our World, and for your own sake. You are deranged and dangerous. Your ego are getting explosively big while your brains are gently imploding. You are far too weak and immature to handle power, it is consuming you. You seem stressed, you are getting even more irrational by the day, and you look as if you have become even more corpulent. The thought of you having access to nuclear buttons is a nightmarish thought. You are causing a vile, nationwide trumputrefaction of morals, values, common sense and basic human decency. You are chopping away at the land itself, at Nature. And you are doing the same with freedom of press, freedom of expression.
    You are, simply, an abomination, and you ain’t getting any better.
    So frigging please resign and make America saner again.

    That’s it . Now I’ll watch some cats & dogs in the snow videos, before catching a little sleep. Good Day !

  • Carl McGregor 1 year ago

    I’m sure Trumps popularity would rise if he actually did his job instead of acting like a sulking 15 year old girl. I have never seen a political figure (from any country) less qualified or intelligent enough to do their job. Please go to the nearest KFC or McDonalds and get the Night Shift Manager and get them to the White House. At least the will be someone with management skills in the building, and they honestly couldn’t do a worse job. (I hope Sean Spicer isn’t working at KFC).

  • TheChasexy 1 year ago

    A video so nice gotta upload it twice.

  • gokinsmen 1 year ago

    Either 16 women of varying backgrounds, ages and political affiliations are lying…or 1 piece of shit under a special counsel investigation that has already yielded multiple indictments and guilty pleas is lying. Real tough one there! LOCK HIM UP.

  • Aboyaya fadily 1 year ago

    Start with C and ends with T 🤔?!!
    I didn’t get the

  • TheD†uned 1 year ago

    Roy Moore FTW

  • moo. 1 year ago


  • Sathyanarayanan Govindarajan 1 year ago

    For the record, many third-world countries do not smell that bad…

  • Faheem7 1 year ago

    Great monologue, Stephen is on fire!


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