Trump Called Fallen Soldiers and Veterans “Losers” and “Suckers”

Published on September 9, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, September 8.

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  • Ral Ral 2 months ago

    Here’s a New one, Mexico is Paying for the Stupid Wall Again WITH Get Ready,, A
    (“TOLL BOOTH”) .😝😁😀😅😂….But NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT IT…YOU all KNOW THAT RIGHT???????? The Orange Knuckle Dragging BUFFOON actually said that…WHAT a MAROON…


  • Bucky Pinata 2 months ago

    Too bad this was debunked days ago. Bidens poll numbers must be worse than thought….

  • stanstanstan 2 months ago

    THANK YOU for asking your crew not to laugh. It’s really cringe-inducing to have only a handful of people laughing in the background and I’ve stopped watching some of the others because I can’t take it.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 2 months ago

    A badly-timed camera and cue card switch showed that Seth’s startled reaction was written on the cue cards! (Pause video and click on 0:03)

  • Timothy Wallner 2 months ago

    Five minutes?
    Those videos are longer than two and a half minutes? Who knew!
    TP’s views on anyone other then themselves?
    Not at all surprising.
    Could the planet please request a courtesy flush?
    Flush the videos as well just please absolutely include the TP.

  • Artemis Pyle 2 months ago

    Losers who think Trump is number one are full of number two.

  • dielaughing73 2 months ago

    It pleases me that the first gag is actually written on the cue-card

  • Leah 2 months ago

    Missed you dude

  • Trish Phillips 2 months ago

    Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. No. Yhis must not be.

  • The Whizkid 2 months ago

    …best news of the week is that so many of the carrot´s cheques have been sent to wrong addresses around the world because lists were coincidentally out of sync…

  • Johan Johansson 2 months ago

    Ooof, this didn’t age well. He actually never said this. The person who originally claimed it even said that “Trump might not have said it verbally” .
    It was line for line a scene out of the Mafia movies, a show that the original source references all the time and phrasing from. So yeah, this was bust from the start, try again Npc’s.

  • pvthitch 2 months ago

    Add a laugh track.

  • XxrazaxX 2 months ago

    I love this guy

  • Donna Willams 2 months ago

    Seth has returned!!! 🤗😀😄😃

  • Pipe Tunes 2 months ago

    Do not bring the audience back!
    It’s so much better this way.

  • TWSTF 8 2 months ago

    54 18 1

  • Kylie Bonanno 2 months ago

    President trump did not say that disgusting lie. Over 21 people who were actually there came out on record and confirmed the Atlantic blatantly lied Get your fact straight you reprehensible creeps

  • Howard Williams 2 months ago

    Brain dead Trump voters watch this

  • Kylie Bonanno 2 months ago

    People should fact check you. What is so bad is you spread stories that you know are not true. How do you sleep at night


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