Trump Brags About Obstructing Congress By Withholding Ukraine Evidence

Published on January 23, 2020

Speaking to reporters in Davos, President Trump projected confidence that he won’t be convicted in his impeachment trial because the White House has been successful in keeping “all the material” out of Congress’s hands. #Colbert #Monologue #Impeachment

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  • Autum Breeze 7 months ago

    If Trump is wrongfully cleared of all charges and then wins the election again, I will not be the least bit surprised if the rest of America says “fuck it”, abandon Washington, tell Trump it’s his now so he can be president of it and do whatever he wants, while the rest of America declares itself a different country and elect their own president.

    It’s sounds insane, but if Trump and his gang aren’t going to acknowledge the law or reality, it might become the only option.

    The upside would be we could watch how quickly Washington falls because he’d have no clue how to keep it going

  • Kokún de Nazareth 7 months ago

    Just like stormy bragged about knowing him having a tiny mushroom penus. Remember, she has the evidence.

  • Alan Scott Holmes 7 months ago

    Gutless Old Party

  • kai duCoeur 7 months ago

    Please, kill me now.

  • kaxitaksi 7 months ago

    When you think things can’t get any worse.. it always gets worse..

  • Nithun Sridhar 7 months ago

    I think it’s actually pathetic how useless the legislature is in America… Do they really care about party than people… How does anyone still claim it’s the greatest country on the planet?

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 7 months ago

    Trump: “Oh yeah? You don’t have any evidence! I still have the gun, the body, and the video from 5th Avenue.”

  • Reynald Néron 7 months ago

    It does not really matter what he says, because in the US today, interests go over integrity… When you have a country run by mafia mobs, you don’t care about the law.

  • Oliver TV 7 months ago

    we all know why, when invited over for a meal by another man, he assumes it’s breakfast

  • Dave A. 7 months ago

    Q: If Trump is innocent of the charges against him, then why is he and the Republicans under his influence blocking the testimony of witnesses and evidence at the senate trial? A: Trump is not innocent of the charges!

  • Anson Lobretto 7 months ago

    What have you done for this country Steven you are a comedian try to be funny jackass

  • lovableAlexa 7 months ago

    and yet he still in power! Something needs to change for this not to happened again or if it does how to get rid of the bastard quick smh

  • Alej 7 months ago

    I actually like Pete’s answer to the barbecue question. He was honest and didn’t just pander.

  • Artemis and Callisto 7 months ago

    Dems still having tantrums 3 years later lol love trump or hate him he has revealed just how pathetic and immature the dems are! Didn’t get the outcome they wanted so they tantrum for 3 years, 3 years! Lol get over it you sad sad Hollywood losers

  • littlewoodimp 7 months ago

    Trump actually would stare at their faces. He’d slump in his chair, with his arms crossed, wearing that intense, petulant, expression and imagining that he’s intimidating everyone.

  • claus kanstrup 7 months ago

    The Republicans is trying to recreate the 3 reich.. Walls, lies, propaganda, camp, ice, Diktator Trump.. This goes on.. Hope you get the country back True Amaricans

  • graffic13 7 months ago

    Is mayor Pete even gay?

  • SW627 7 months ago

    Should’ve went to court, when you were supposed to, Lefties. It’s not the Senate’s fault you’re incompetent. What was the excuse again ? Oh yeah, something about being “too urgent”…….then Pelosi holds the articles for 33 days……lol !

    Oh No……that nothingburger, they fed you, is starting to run down your pant leg….LMAO !!! Trump 2020 !

  • James Lade 7 months ago

    Spanky Tweetie Twump has no shame. Psychopaths never admit doing wrong

  • Melody Chest 7 months ago

    Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb and a very special light bulb called Trump!!


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