Trump Brags About His Ratings During Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look

Published on March 30, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president bragging about his TV ratings during the coronavirus pandemic, suggesting states were lying about how many ventilators they need and blaming health care workers for the lack of protective masks.

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  • AUGUSTUS CAESER 2 years ago

    i dont understand why people are taking fox news seriously, its not a news channel, its an entertainment channel

  • Robertw 2 years ago

    USA is not a first world country with Trump leading to death of thousands with. Failure to act on virus

  • Tracy Tomtone 2 years ago

    Oh ya TRUMP … some hospitals only have 1 ventilators … UNEDUCATED AF !!!
    And people voted for this IGNORANT, UNEDUCATED, CON MAN …

    HEY trump supporters how’s the COOLAID

  • kelownatechkid 2 years ago

    Even better audio this time seth!

  • Pedro Camargo 2 years ago

    Somebody got a new mic… That is awesome!

  • david joost 2 years ago

    so its not even a million infected and people loose it… but its about to be BILLIONS

  • Anthony Ciesielski 2 years ago

    Seth , please stop putting Trump on the screen. his face is vomit , his voice spews poision.. your viewers are intelligent humans who need no more convincing Trump and Republican path pavers are no good. They are the money cult. They don’t know humanity. You do.
    For the love of God, please stop putting him on the screen.. we trust you. Just tell us what’s going on with your natural talent to make people laigh. That’s what we need..
    Good luck every body , and God bless the world.

  • Kilal Googlestaffers 2 years ago

    Never forget that Trump was the personal choice for GOP candidate of Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

    Clinton was the one who directed the press to create a pied piper campaign around Trump, which that resulted in some two billion dollars of free airtime, while his fellow GOP candidates had to pay millions for mere seconds to reply.

    Ask yourself this, how did they know to promote him, some two weeks before he even announced he was running?

    The Donald Trump presidency is Hillary Clinton’s fault.

  • John Lee 2 years ago

    Something going on , he can no count and think. No wonder this is happening to you.

  • Marius Thefaker 2 years ago

    Jeanine Pirro is desperately ringing around for a plastic surgeon that does house calls… seriously, look at her, she’s melting like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz! 😄

  • Meh emojie 2 years ago


  • darius hattingh 2 years ago

    Trump will take coronavirus seriously when so many people die from it that there arent enough people watching him on TV to satisfy his ratings fetish

  • Hollywood CV 2 years ago

    How you like it now you cunts!

  • Linda May 2 years ago

    People watch him, because he cuts in on whatever rerun I’d prefer to see. And he yammers & yammers, saying nothing worth hearing. It’s not like he’s any kind of expert. Annoying.
    He’s also playing games with some of the governors, holding essential equipment for ransom, because he thinks the governor is being rude and/or ungrateful.

  • Dax Carson 2 years ago

    Why are all of these (rich) talk show hosts all using their phones to cast their shows? They cant afford a friggin actual camera and actual microphone? Lol or better yet pay someone to help em out?

  • Chronic Crypto 2 years ago

    Trump and republicans are pushing the US dollar into hyperinflation. They have trillions in permanent tax cuts to the richest people and companies who pay $0 in taxes permanently now, those same people and companies then sold all their stocks and locked in trillions of profit, and then the fed pumped in trillions of dollars trying to safe it and it disappeared instantly then Trump and republicans just have them trillions in bailout money. HEED MY WARNING. THE US DOLLAR IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE AND REPUBLICANS ARE TURNING US INTO VENEZUELA BECAUSE THEY COLLAPSED FROM HYPERINFLATION NOT SOCIALISM. Follow my YouTube channel ( democratic conservatives USA ) if your a true American patriot and tired of the corrupt 2 party system. I call out democrats and Republicans and tell the truth and put money on the facts.

  • Tiffany Nicole 2 years ago

    Anybody else trigged by Seth’s red nose? What’s going on? 😂

  • Blue Beta 2 years ago

    Trump sent cali 170 broken ventilators.

  • Hollywood CV 2 years ago


  • Donna E 2 years ago



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