Trump Blasts His Own Intelligence Agencies | The Daily Show

Published on February 2, 2019

President Trump is publicly humiliated after numerous national intelligence and security officials contradict his statements about Iran, North Korea, ISIS and Russia.



  • Sara Beth 2 years ago

    Oxymoronic statement “TRUMP & INTELLIGENCE”

  • Jhonny Auditore 2 years ago

    I don’t care if the next president is republican or democrat (i like Bernie) as long Is not Trump or Pence

  • Philipp Drescher 2 years ago

    Wow , first time I have to agree with Trump. I don’t believe in global waming, either. 😀

  • Bob 2 years ago

    Please Lord… deliver us from this Moron

  • Vanadyan 2 years ago

    Trump has gone his entire life without utilizing intelligence, why would he start now?

  • Geribaldi's Games 2 years ago

    Of course, because his Intelligence Agencies (the people who ACTUALLY know what’s going on) are contradicting Fox News (the people, to whom everything is politics, conspiracy theories and manipulation, and have their heads planted firmly up their collective butts).

  • Daniel Gehring 2 years ago

    Has anybody else noticed that since the shutdown ended Trump’s brain seems even more broken than it was? It’s so hard to tell since the thing was always pretty rickety to begin with but he really seems to have become more rambling, less able to internalize questions, and less able to deal with criticisms. I don’t want to fall for Internet Specialist Syndrome but I really think he might be on the verge of a mental breakdown soon.
    Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking? Like I said it’s so hard to tell.

  • Just Toxic 2 years ago

    You morons and your outdated system of governing

  • Bill Heuber 2 years ago

    So glad you pronounced it correctly! Not “waMMing” like everyone else! ??

  • MonIIs Yosef 2 years ago

    i love ur personallty

  • HotestOnTheBlock 2 years ago

    Trump is a self proclaimed “stable genius” although he writes typos like elementry school student, mispronounces words like an ESL student, and reads a teleprompter without fluency and automaticity, yet he wants us to believe the intelligence agency needs go back to school? HUH?

  • Durain Stone Tha Street 2 years ago

    Trump is Russia’s Lee Harvey Oswald of our day. He’s so eager to implement Putin’s Agenda. But because he functions at a Jethro Bodine Education. He’s Unable to explain Russian Messages. So Putin Knows that he’s able to End the Status of Being President of the United States.

  • undefinablereasoning 2 years ago

    Don’t you think it immature to criticize someone on their typos?

  • Cheetos Ortiz 2 years ago

    Were you expecting something different from an idiot who gets his intelligence from Putin and Russia?

  • Hal K 2 years ago

    Man these late night show haters…. Every night.

  • Antony Stringfellow 2 years ago

    Obama holdovers yet, almost exclusively, Republicans.

  • 88Gibson LesPaul 2 years ago

    Ever feel that you’re talking to a Trump-Putin collaborator-trolll? Quoting: “IRA accounts leveraged divisive social issues and inflammatory images to garner tens of millions of social media impressions, the report says. The IRA posted memes and images that frequently “expressed tolerance of extremist views,” targeted marginalized groups like immigrants, African-Americans and LGBTQ communities. The accounts sought to pit groups against each other and stir online debate.  Facebook provided researchers with roughly 3,300 ads, and more than 180,000 organic posts produced by IRA pages across Facebook and Instagram. Twitter provided the researchers with more than 8 million tweets across 3,800 accounts”

      Isn’t it time we talked about something other than a wall that will either let through or stop a handful of Hispanics? Isn’t it time the national discussion was about Russia’s war on America and Trump’s role in it?

  • Francis Lumley 2 years ago

    Perpetual war is what funds those agencies. Their job is to maintain and create supposed enemies of America. It’s time to retool the war industry to serve humanity instead of killing us,all.

  • Des Doyle 2 years ago

    Trump is a traitor to the American people. Anyone who can’t see this have obviously fallen for his con.

  • mark One 2 years ago

    If only Trump had intelligence


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