Trump Blames WHO and Rushes to “Open Up America Again”: A Closer Look

Published on April 16, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump wanting to reopen the economy by the end of April despite the advice of experts and lack of power to do so.

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  • MTK 3 years ago

    In Canada I’ve been told we’re off work until at least July sometime. How a country with 9x the population and with many more cases is going to go open in a few weeks is crazy

  • R M 3 years ago

    Dump Seth Meyers and watch a real comedian like Dave Chappelle. Chappelle is funnier and doesn’t obsess over TRUMP. Get a life SETH!

  • wubba lubba dub dub 3 years ago

    You “champ at the bit”, not “chomp”.

  • ChrisC 3 years ago

    3:25 — All other considerations aside: Yeah, they were probably drunk last night. At the party to celebrate the completion of the Constitution, the 55 delegates ran up a tavern bill of £89 4s 2d, the equivalent in modern dollars of over $17,600. This included 114 bottles of wine in addition to beer, cider, and punch, and not counting the extra booze for the musicians and servants, and a charge of £1 2s 6d for broken glassware.

  • Dead Doll 3 years ago

    ”Fauci, I know you’re there, I can hear you sighing”.

  • Funky Monkey 3 years ago

    Actually John Adam’s is mentioned Andrew times….even the last song king george 111 come seth, dont be a fake fan😂

  • Michael Sedor 3 years ago

    I’ve been a fan of “A Closer Look” for years.
    I swear this episode made me laugh harder and more frequently than any other.

  • Dan Bouchard 3 years ago

    This guy is looking like he is walking to the electric chair.Feel sorry for him.

  • closeharlan 3 years ago

    Gee is he okay? He’s breathing hard, stumbling over lines, swallowing audibly. It’s like he’s never spoken in public before….even though he has. I’m genuinely concerned.

  • Rhett Cujo 3 years ago

    Why am I still living here!? 🤦🏽‍♂️ ugh if I leave they win…and that makes me a quitter. I don’t want to leave but this people (Republicans) and this president are literally giving me brain damage with all their stupidity. I hate this era!!! Fk!!!! 😪

  • LSAML KASKUS 3 years ago

    2:42 that journalist got a total authority heart attack

  • Pixel Tits 3 years ago

    I *_REALLY_* wish that a reporter would ask him _”What’s up with the hand movements? Like, seriously, wtf are you doing?!”_

  • coco bloco 3 years ago

    Trump serious ? For the love of God , somebody do something and find a way to put him back in his playpen ! He is seriously dangerous !

  • Ashriq Rosli 3 years ago

    “I have full authority but not full responsibility”

  • Leon Bellingan 3 years ago

    The yellow flowers are dying and Harry Potter wants out of his room.

  • madscientist 3 years ago

    Bring your adorable kids back Seth, we loved them, they are the future.

  • Iamtop 3 years ago

    “you can call it Coffee talk”, “Covfefe talk” you mean ?

  • The Booty Sniffer 3 years ago

    An HBO miniseries about Trump’s presidency… I can already see the cast — Jon Voight for Trump, Sofia Vergara for Melania, Freddie Highmore for Jared Kushner, Brad Garrett for Michael Cohen, and Nicholas Campbell for Steve Bannon. Yeah, I’d watch it.

  • Titus P 3 years ago

    yet almost 1 out of two Americans love trump…amazing

  • Lin Osee 3 years ago

    We’ll survive COVID-19. Surviving the current admn is uncertain.


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