Trump Attacks The W.H.O. & Kellyanne Can’t Count to COVID-19 | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on April 15, 2020

Trump continues to blame everyone else for the coronavirus outbreak, Kellyanne Conway doesn’t know what COVID-19 stands for, and unemployment skyrockets in America. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

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  • TEXAS RIGGED 6 months ago

    We love you Trevor. I literally laughed out loud 5 times watching this. Thanks for the comedy in these hard times

  • Aadil Shah 6 months ago

    It’s lovely to see the USA screw up worse than South Africa.
    (Sorry for the “schadenfreude”)

  • DanDan Z. 6 months ago

    Fucking pansies. Trump rules. 7024001770. Call me. I dare you.

  • Tiffany Cheshire 6 months ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the size of the microphone the Canadian reporter is holding around minute 7?

  • Escher C. Shells 6 months ago

    EVERYONE except trump sees clearly what a disaster he has been for the country and the world. deflecting blame or doling it out, the central message is always the same: its all about ME. . . .who cares about you. . .. .trump’s world is only as big as his ego. and that is a very small fragile place. where the only ones buying his crap is himself and a few ass kissers. time to put donald on a ventilator and pull the plug. for the sake of america and the world.

  • Pradipta Bora 6 months ago

    trump don’t like WHO, trump beat WHO

  • strider s 6 months ago

    whole world is dependent on WHO for vaccine ….. wtf is wrong with this president.

  • quest 77051 6 months ago

    YOU STILL WALKING AROUND WITH TWO KIDNEYS. ain’t nobody stopping you from selling one of those…HAAAAAA LOLOLOL.

  • Umer Mumtaz 6 months ago

    I used to feel angry with Trump and his lies but now I just feel sad for the poor average nice guy American who has to put up with his incompetence and his lies while trying to survive during this disease and joblessness! Hang in there Americans, the world is praying for you! Make sure to vote that Orange Orangutan out of office!

  • S H I Ω I N G 6 months ago

    I’m buying another guitar tomorrow 🤘 doing my part to help the economy

  • aShura 6 months ago

    The Canada you make fun if is doing a much better job. “Greatest nation in the world ” Indeed

  • sonicyell 6 months ago

    1:50 😁😢🤣

  • jawill24 6 months ago

    What do people expect Republicans don’t want unemployment really at all so they won’t fund the programs and have to scramble when we actually need it

  • Alex Dunkel 6 months ago

    The unemployment system isn’t buckling. It’s always been like this. Back when I was unemployed more than 5 years ago, it was impossible to get through on the phone lines. The only difference now is that people are starting to listen to the complaints.

  • Traveller Life 6 months ago

    Sign looks like some Oranguttan done some drawing job.

  • Savictor Laxmhi 6 months ago

    Trump not a qualified leader to be president of country.

  • KAROLINA # 1 6 months ago

    Everyone is giving, except my ex, cut off child support today. 🙁 … No, he didn’t loose his paychecks. He is in good shape. … I’m strong & smart, I will get through it, but that was SAD news, especially after watching this video, especially during these times. … (explains why he is EX).

  • valis tö 6 months ago

    Joking about domestic violence at this time is super funny, because the risk of it actually happening is atm higher than usually 🙂 (sarcasm)

  • महाकाल 6 months ago

    believe me trump and his friend modi are same side of a coin

  • iguerino 6 months ago

    I agree with Trump in not give WHO more money 💰 first China have to explain all the world 🌎 how this Pandemia was cover with the help of WhO


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