Trump Attacks the GOP and Sides with Democrats on Gun Control: The Daily Show

Published on March 1, 2018

During meetings to discuss gun reform, President Trump unexpectedly sides with Democrats on issues like universal background checks and age restrictions.

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  • Nia Imani-Diarra 1 year ago

    This fool is as stable as a bowl of Jello, IN AN EARTHQUAKE!!

  • Rad Snaget 1 year ago

    So what do you guys plan on doing with all the rifles and standard capacity magazines already out there?

  • a d 1 year ago

    May issue concealed carry, is unconstitutional

  • a d 1 year ago

    Age restrictions on guns are unconstitutional

  • Omar Shah 1 year ago

    I don’t know about you, but this seems suspicious.

  • Melanie Gil 1 year ago

    Trump is a guy who happened to get into the office😂 n is pretending to kno shit about the law

  • D O 1 year ago

    Why should we listen to you? You come here from SA with your comedy, experience being black for the 1st time, and that hives you authority? You can pry my guns from my cold dead hands! You have no Idea about our history. If it wasn’t for guns, we might be speaking Japanese. You retarded buffoon!

  • Shayra Soriano 1 year ago

    That’s my Democrat

  • ShadowFoxSF 1 year ago

    “Guns make the bang bang” was the best quote

  • Samantha Garcia 1 year ago


  • Klee Klee 1 year ago

    I hate Trevor Noah. He’s not fucking funny. Bring Stewart back. And no this is to the left position.

  • Jamshed Ashurov 1 year ago

    I thought Trevor is gonna praise Trump for a moment. He didn’t, that’s little bit disappointing as I thought this show was neutral rather than anti-republican

  • reincarN8ed 1 year ago

    Where the fuck is THIS Trump the other 364 days of the year?!

  • Harvey Smith 11 months ago

    Not a Trump fan but I highly applaud this move. Good job Trump.

  • Jairaj Ranchod 10 months ago

    You absolutely cannot buy a tec 9 in “a store” and it’s a disgrace that she doesn’t know that. Or that self defense saves lives.

  • Michael Zinns 10 months ago

    Holy crap! Last thing I ever thought was Trump would step up on gun control.

  • Eva Everett 10 months ago

    Amy: *sips tea*

  • Gimpy Nogo 10 months ago

    He probably has premature ejaculation

  • YuckyPickles 10 months ago

    Somebody explain this: The Democrats controlled all of congress for two years under president Obama. TWO YEARS. Three months with a filibuster-proof senate. They did absolutely nothing on gun control, immigration, tax reform and many other issues candidate Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid all promised they would. Why does this never come up on this or any other show? Please any Democrat out there, explain this. Then explain how Democrats are so different from Republicans on gun control.

  • DejaVu Blu 10 months ago

    so liberals hate trump and call him a Nazi but want him and his
    government to be the only armed ones in the country?????????? So
    liberals think its good that black slaves didnt have guns when they were
    being raped and lynched? so liberals think its good that jews were
    disarmed and didnt have guns during Nazi germany? etc etc etc etc. 2nd
    amendment exist for one reason and one reason alone!!! and thats not for


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