Trump Attacks Our Nation’s Free Press Part 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on July 1, 2020

If only the president were as passionate about (and we’re just spitballing here) coronavirus, police brutality, or Black lives, as he is about attacking the free press. I guess we’ll have to keep dreaming…until November 3rd.



  • Cory Herbert 1 month ago

    First woot

  • Mr. painful Truth 1 month ago

    Some men get a gun and a badge, and think they are God. When the powerful fear Media…They must have something to hide.

  • Adrianne Machina 1 month ago

    You’re every bit as awesome as John Oliver. …it’s just the British accent that gives him the edge in the ratings.

  • Thanistat 1 month ago

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