Trump Asks Georgia Secretary of State to “Decertify” 2020 Election

Published on September 22, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, September 21.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Ebby C 3 weeks ago

    This is sooo boring now…. Trump, meh.

    ps Trudeau hasn’t looked like that in a looong time. Stop trying to kill us [women] Seth 😊 with those heartthrob photos.

  • o 3 weeks ago

    Cheato reminds me of an old senile guy sitting in a lounger all day barking random vulgarities.

  • Josh Begley 3 weeks ago

    CORRECTION for the 2008 Biden campaign: The apostrophe before “08” should have faced the other way. (I am assuming the logo is authentic and wasn’t needlessly recreated by the Late Night staff; in that case the error would be on them!)


    A Jack’al

  • Zk Motivation 3 weeks ago

    For everyone whose eyes saw this comment 👀👀
    Just make me happy by subscribing…is this a big request?
    Thanks .

  • Matt G 3 weeks ago

    Someone needs to sit Trump down and say: “You’ve got to let this one go bro. It’s over”

  • Sid Nally 3 weeks ago

    Seth should really give up trying to be funny, his jokes are pure dry humour that is in no way funny at all.

  • X S 3 weeks ago

    Kya Chahiye??–0 K 1 — K Hijra Rockies..8X;;

  • KesselRunner606 3 weeks ago

    Honestly, how many times does Trump want to keep losing the same election?

  • Alain Archambault 3 weeks ago

    What’s certified can’t be uncertified, numbnuts.

  • M P 3 weeks ago

    One term twice impeached covidiot brain failed 45 must go away.

  • midknight 3 weeks ago

    Dear Trump supporters, imagine if Obama or Hillary asked Georgia Secretary to decertify Trump’s win? What would you do?

  • Brother Mine 3 weeks ago

    A recent Israeli study found that covid immunity acquired by surviving a case of covid is stronger and longer lasting than the immunity acquired by being vaccinated. Since Bolsonaro was infected by covid a few months ago, it doesn’t make sense to demand he also be vaccinated. (Note: people who’ve survived covid AND get vaccinated have an even stronger immunity than people who’ve only survived covid, so it still makes sense for nearly everyone to get vaccinated.)

  • Jewel Bautista 3 weeks ago

    Trump sure is persistent
    And he’s pretty consistent
    He just won’t quit
    Not even a bit
    Pretending he won as pesident

  • derek flegg 3 weeks ago

    Is it true Trump’s secret service protection have to sweep the golf course for mines before Trump plays?

  • New Message 3 weeks ago

    Who taught Donnie such a big word?

  • Hercool Poirot 3 weeks ago

    Someone inform Trump he is yesterdays news.

  • Peter Matthews 3 weeks ago

    I’m looking forward to Brad Raffensperger’s response. “No” would be sufficient.

  • Nora 3 weeks ago

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