Trump Arrives At NATO Summit Already Angry With America’s Allies

Published on December 5, 2019

Donald Trump spent his time at the NATO summit in London punching back at criticism from world leaders and watching as his peers snickered about his unconventional behavior. #Colbert #Monologue #Comedy

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  • FATLACES THEDON 1 year ago

    I guess he was right when he said they’ll stop laughing at us… Now they’re just laughing at him

  • Jay Morgan 1 year ago

    “The other kids don’t like me!” ?

  • Lo Eb 1 year ago

    Another hilarious volley of comedy, Mr. Colbert. Sad that suppression is still so active. Case in point – your channels video uploads are almost always on a timely and quick manner. Especially after you’ve aired on the U.S. West coast where I reside. Strange how almost all the press release about Farce 45 is now even under more scrutiny and yet FACTS are still presented if his actions and crimes – whoops better slow down the media outlets for control of the story. *sigh* Somebody tell Me when the next bullet bomb shell hits…in the next 12 hours…

  • Alternative Spicer 1 year ago

    Trudeau, Macron and Rutte are like the cool kids sitting at the cool table. Boris only got the seat because his cool sister (Princess Anne) brought him into the group.

  • Frankie Says 1 year ago

    I bet this made Melania even hotter for Justin!

  • Jacob Willis 1 year ago

    Wait is he in on the orange thing? We’ve been calling him an orange for years

  • Lynne Webley 1 year ago

    Allies think he is stupid like the rest of us

  • Laura Gadille 1 year ago

    Huh? ??

  • Beijos na Parede 1 year ago

    How a guy with so much power and money to buy lots and lots of big macs be so bitter

  • ignacio meteors 1 year ago

    insane in the membrane

  • Trond LOLOLOL Tverback 1 year ago

    ?Trumptanic strikes again! Remember when ? Trumpy told NATO: _”My father was born in Germany!”_ ??????

  • EC 1 year ago

    Justin will have to remember: Next time when I mock DT in front of Macron……speak French. The Americains will never know.

  • Rezolutionist 1 year ago

    I love you, Stephen, but where the F have you been again?!

  • Albert Bremner 1 year ago

    Okay this is terrible.

  • Bapeti Uys-Kosweti 1 year ago

    ?? in the refrigerator, becomes a ?…??

  • Danielle King 1 year ago

    orange?Shoe?Foot ?WTF was that?

  • Cliff 1 year ago

    All I want from every person here, is for you to go to youtube homepage, like click the f’ button.

    k ‘yall done that, or will hint hint.
    hit ctrl and F got it? ctrl-F, now type years
    and hit enter, this will give you a list of everything years old on your screen. now, in a terribly pissed off mood, tell those assholes that you do not want years old shit poping up on your feed.

    And if it trucking happens again, just delete that shit, tell them you do not want it. the AI is human and they are pissed too. if you can do this for 6 hours you will be rewarded with peace. sometimes., cause, ya know, they are assholes. still.

  • N.Z. Storm Waver 1 year ago

    Trump is the real life Annoying Orange meme.

  • Tommy Vasec 1 year ago

    I am a Canadian. We are just waiting for he next President. The current President, we don’t like him…

  • portaccio 1 year ago

    What kind of maniac keeps their oranges in the fridge?


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