Trump Answers Tough Questions, Putin Pushes Propaganda & Tom Brady Unretires After 41 Days

Published on March 14, 2022

Today is 3.14 or “National Pi Day,” our entire staff is back in the office after two years of working from home, LA had one of the best/worst police chases of all time, the CEO of Pfizer is saying that everyone will need a fourth dose of the vaccine to stave off a new wave of COVID, former President Obama has contracted the virus, Trump was on a podcast hosted by a small group of YouTubers known as the Nelk Boys, Vladimir Putin is doing whatever he can to prevent Russian citizens from knowing the truth about what he’s up to in Ukraine, a lot of businesses are severing ties with Russia including McDonald’s, Pete Davidson is flying into space on a Blue Origin flight next week, part one of the two-part finale of “The Bachelor” aired tonight on ABC and might actually be the most dramatic ever, and after the news that Tom Brady will be returning to the NFL only 41 days after retiring, we check in with his number one fan, two-year-old Tommy Brady Fitzpatrick.

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  • Gabe Maldonado 2 years ago

    That is one angry baby!

  • SammyT 2 years ago

    I can’t say it enough; the baby Tom Brady is freaking BRILLIANT! He needs his own show!

  • Sergio Alaniz 2 years ago

    Baby Brady on cocaine check um out on a fast one ….lmao

  • Nina Jäger 2 years ago

    Does Amazon still send packages to Russia?

  • Professor Farmgirl 2 years ago

    This is the only place I get snippets of those bachelor shows. Why do people waste their time on that crap?

  • Ricardo Cerrillo 2 years ago

    Wicked hilarious!!!

  • Larry Hutcherson Sr 2 years ago

    Who in their right mind gives a crap about what Traitor Trump has to say?

  • Issy Bella 2 years ago

    A fourth dose, the CEO of Pfizer said we’ll need a yearly shot the same time as the flu shot.

  • SmallTownGamer 2 years ago

    1:05 Dear God GTA pathfinding is better than that…

  • C.A.T. 2 years ago

    Liking to listen to or even pick songs doesn’t define having a “high aptitude for music”, Spanky. I’d be willing to bet he couldn’t even play a kazoo.

  • DGCP3 2 years ago

    It feels like every booster is a software update for the tracker chip inside our head

  • Mauricio Ovalle 2 years ago

    OMG Guillermo saved the day lol.

  • Day Dreamer 2 years ago

    I expected the guy running away from the police to stand up, point, and scream, “He went that away”

  • ExSublime 2 years ago

    lol “small group”


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