Trump and the GOP Plan to Subvert Democracy and Install One-Party Rule: A Closer Look

Published on November 7, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at the Republican party’s agenda to thrust the government into chaos while subverting future elections to cement permanent rule if they regain power and making it clear that Trump is still, and will remain, the leader of their party.

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  • AJB 1 year ago

    It just dawned on me that what the Trumpers are really fighting against is intelligence.

  • Michael Tudyk 1 year ago

    When the terrible people that are the Republicans take over, I hope we’re still allowed to make jokes about them.

  • Nsilo Thomas 1 year ago

    WWE style

  • Gay Wizard 1 year ago

    Oz is part of the millionaires upset at gas prices set? F… me!

  • Foxplayz 1 year ago

    record skips “inflation! border! Illegal aliens! change is scary!” record skips (Republican talking points since – forever) and yet they NEVER fix them

  • crxess 1 year ago

    Hey Meyers, Stop with the Disinformation.
    We have been watching the Democrat party attempt this for more than 4 Decades. They have been working from the Local Level up in a subversive manor.
    Sorry Kiddos, America has awaken and sees what you have been doing. Now it is the Peoples turn to decide what we want in representation.
    The Vote will Decide who has control of Democracy. Democracy is not on the Ballot – Democracy IS the Ballot.

  • Average_Dan 1 year ago

    Better to have every bill vetoed than to have Democrats pushing crap down our throats.

  • dan taylor 1 year ago

    the Oz picture is his way of telling us how he will handle his time in office. Oz will be hiding under the Sheetz

  • oldsesalt 1 year ago

    I still can’t (after all these years) believe anyone could lose to the idiot Rump. Shame on you Shillary Clinton!

  • Davinci's Ghost 1 year ago

    Oh c’mon….jackal bait Frankie!

  • Old Man 1 year ago

    Except this is what democrats are doing… Lets check ok still more babies in cages at the border, Everything prices has doubled, Crime out of control, Fentanyl the new #1 killer, Bidens business partners Russia and China are doing great, Biden wants to shut off the lights and heat throughout the country and buy all energy from hostile nations. Like How slow are you guys?

  • daintycake 1 year ago

    in that pic oz looks like a less attractive younger robert deniro. if robert deniro had sold his soul to the devil.

  • Darrell Dyer 1 year ago

    Seth Meyers is a joke in lockstep with the socialist democrats. The ones who demonstrated the chaos from the gitgo and thrust our country in a race to the bottom is the democrats. Your opinionated monologue pandering to the sheep that all think alike says it all!

  • David Knight 1 year ago

    Last Week Tonight even chose to focus on this coming election. It’s really going to be an absolute $#%^show thanks to the GOP.

  • Eastern Woodland Art 1 year ago

    This is Oz beneath the Sheetz lol.

  • Sir Casino 1 year ago

    Well, it is important to be able to choose your own doctor. You go on free-healthcare you usually get a quack.

  • kenneth topp 1 year ago

    Like California?

  • daintycake 1 year ago

    wtf are bruno cuccinellis? you are so out of touch, seth.


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