Trump and Rudy Were Directly Involved in Plan to Seize Voting Machines: A Closer Look

Published on February 2, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s intimate involvement with plans to seize voting machines and stay in power in the waning days of his presidency.

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  • Nat Legend 2 years ago

    He’ll announce his candidacy very soon, he believes if he’s running for president he won’t be able to be prosecuted.

  • T Stewart 2 years ago

    TEd Cruz for hotdog salesman!!!

  • Louis Brown 2 years ago

    he speaks not for those whom watch, but for those whom are already deep in the Q. He is attempting to persuade them and those on the fence to back him, while at the same time downplaying what we all know they will find when they announce what they have evidence of.

  • Michael Schwartz 2 years ago

    The inevitable tv movie about the coup attempt should be done in the style of a silent Laurel and Hardy slapstick

  • Dave E. 2 years ago

    Trump is the most transparent and fragile man I’ve ever seen. He oozes a sleezy vibe that apparently infests everyone around him. He belongs in jail.

  • Shawn Heenan 2 years ago

    He turned from a good comedian, to letting Trump live in his head.

  • COBYKOEHL2 2 years ago


  • Julie Nelson 2 years ago

    Pretty little puzzles taped back together…keep them comin please!!! Coup coup pa choooooo!!!!!!

  • FirestoneX 2 years ago

    Can we lock Trump up before it’s to late and he gets in the white house again?????

  • Napalm Holocaust 2 years ago

    Vote for me for President in 2024. My slogan is “Eat The Rich.” I will not disappoint.

  • Cody Reber 2 years ago

    All the people in white shirts behind trump in the video were paid to be there.0

  • Prof Viral 2 years ago

    There’s no shame with trying to find anything to get someone on, otherwise they never would’ve gotten Capone. Considering both called themselves “businessmen” who flagrantly committed crimes with little consequences and have been called “Public Enemy No. 1”, it seems unsurprising it’d be taxes they nail Trump on.

  • SESH_DBИ 2 years ago

    Shitting on Trump is enjoyable. We all can appreciate it, but until people in your position stop talking about him altogether, him or his followers won’t stop. As long as there’s a spotlight, these people will continue to come. Stop helping them.

  • C R 2 years ago

    How can anyone listen to Trump? He can’t even string a sentence together, he babbles on like a lunatic.

  • Stuart Milne 2 years ago

    Trump does know about every trick in the book because that is how he operates. So far he has not bragged about knowing more tricks than anyone in the world.
    Maybe he could help the .Jan 6th committee figure out new laws to protect against people like him by sharing some of his exclusive tricks!

  • Linda McCarrin 2 years ago

    The SC IS a political institution!!! Clarence Thomas? (Anita Hill remembers) Oh, and Clarence’s wife who paid for buses to go to the INSURRECTION! As opposed to a “peaceful protest” or a “Guided walk through the Capital! Or a picnic for the Proud & Boogaloo Boys to have! Susan Collins, Ms. Waffler!


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