Trump and Melania Received the COVID-19 Vaccine in January

Published on March 3, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, March 2.

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  • Mr. & Mrs. D. 2 months ago

    Hotel in space…yeah, because what we really need is to add to carbon emmissions by sending more rockets into space so some billionaire can try to out do another.

  • Peter Matthews 2 months ago

    Does Biden use a Presidential Disney + subscription or do the Biden’s have a personal account? President Joe and Dr Jill share a Peloton so they might share a streaming service. Seriously Obama used to get Game of Thrones early from HBO, but that’s fine since he wasn’t spending + hours watching Fox daily like the last guy.

  • Mark Mac 2 months ago

    what song did Obama sing? Born In The USA!

  • Eric Uytdehaag 2 months ago

    “Looks at Earth from outer space!” 😂😂

  • Tahtahme's Diary 2 months ago

    They really could care less about anyone else in the country and more will be revealed as time goes on smdh 😕

  • Kathy Mimms 2 months ago

    Please!!! No more Trump stories!

  • Dr. Poncho 2 months ago

    These T.suckers will say he needed to get the vaccine, that they need to keep him safe, then jump online and tell everyone it’s fake just because they are somehow being treated worse than everyone else and want this to end so they call it fake news.

  • E 2 months ago

    Shouldn’t have

  • Daniea3 2 months ago

    Why still so consumed with the Dumps? Everybody’s tired of this sh_yT.

  • World Trending Library 2 months ago

    President Donald Trump overstated his administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis Tuesday and repeated President Donald Trump speaks during the renewed briefing of the White House’s coronavirus task force at the White House on Tuesday. falsehoods that he has pushed since the earliest days of the pandemic.

    In a solo briefing at the White House that included a question-and-answer session with reporters his first coronavirus briefing in months Trump offered a newly sober projection for the country as deaths have surpassed 140,000.

  • vasily202 2 months ago

    The republican voter is an idiot.

  • Saffiya S 2 months ago

    “Or take a loooook at EARTH from outer space”

  • Rick Simon 2 months ago

    Seth Rogen. The only thing he is known for is pot.

  • Jennifer Evans 2 months ago

    i don’t understand why people follow Trump and not just follow what the government is telling them. Just conform and listen to Uncle Sam the government is here to help us its not some big conspiracy . i will admit that i spent the last 4 years against the government but now i see that i should have been supporting it all along because now its stronger and better than ever. I don’t understand why people now don’t see that and trust them like i do

  • T Love 2 months ago

    Yall just can’t stop..TDS 🤣🤣🤣💯

  • Wayne Burton 2 months ago

    Seth Rogan. Just let me know when your brand is at my local weed shop. Legal, coast to coast in Canada!. Cuba for cigars, France for wine, and Vancouver for #1 bud.

  • Blooming Recklessly 2 months ago

    When the monologues end I have to go back to my thoughts and feelings… So they need to be longer.

  • Miss Anne Drist 2 months ago

    Seth, you left out the bit where it said ‘Placebo’ on both vials of the vaccine that they received, didn’t you? Of course they’re both so dumb that they probably think that ‘Placebo’ is an improved version of the Pfizer vaccine, aren’t they?

  • Nienow Hogan 2 months ago


  • MzMaverick ! 2 months ago

    Who the hell is going on space vacations except billionaires lol


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