Trump and His Allies Want You to “Adapt” to the Coronavirus Crisis: A Closer Look

Published on July 15, 2020

Seth takes a closer look at the president and his political allies telling people to suck it up and deal with the out-of-control coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Rose 2 years ago

    Is it just me or is trump looking reeeally rough lately?

  • Jimi James 2 years ago

    Trump is going to be gone within a weak .

  • Steve Angello 2 years ago

    The crawling out of the fireplace was great I lost it lol. He should of turned around lol just kidding 😂

  • J Batman 2 years ago

    Rush got the story wrong!!! They got stuck because they deviated from the normal route trying to save a few days……Wow, I can’t believe these Republicans that say they r the most “Americans” don’t know about our own history!!

  • some one 2 years ago

    Seth are you in poverty? We need schools and headstarts open for poor families who need to work or complete thier own education!

  • James Cole 2 years ago

    Money never cares about any 1 it only wants more that’s what this government is and has been they’ve been robbing us for years and now they’re going to rob us even more be prepared we will be eating one another zombies will become true

  • Capt. Carl 503 2 years ago

    Yea kids dont want to go to school. School is hell

  • Bob Dobbalina 2 years ago

    “gonna abolish the suburbs” 🤨🤦‍♂️

  • mary hershelman 2 years ago

    What the Donner Party did was listen to a con man who gave them a “short cut”…but they were blocked in by winter. Scary metaphor, eh?

  • Mito Midou 2 years ago

    Empathy is dead in that party. And it’s sad when you start hearing the same points spouted by their audience. More testing is why case numbers are up, it’s here deal with it, masks are a muzzle. Common sense is dead in that party, and it was destroyed by sociopathic, well-off people who live in their ivory towers and purportedly believe that they speak for the common man.

    Please. Those spoiled braggarts couldn’t survive one month as a common person.

  • Nathan Powell 2 years ago

    Why is John Malkovich hosting A Closer Look?

  • Silverback Corpse Brigade 2 years ago

    Of course he wants to bankrupt the postal service. It’s the only way he can prevent mail in voting

  • Paulo Uvilla 2 years ago

    Bad ass lamp👍👍👍

  • fereshte williams 2 years ago

    If you can think resorting to cannibalism is an appropriate analogy for adaptation then whatever society you are describing is a doomed one. (Solent green is people)…. The fact that he is suggesting from the comfort of his home or studio that that is our problem we just don’t have enough grit is ridiculous in a country where millions of people live below the poverty line. With little regard to human life The rich force the poor to work in unsafe conditions so they can continue to profit while the common man gets sick and dies for what? “ the greater good?” The ends does not justify the means but for people of supposed faith there is a deep lack of belief in anything that would oppose their bottom line.

  • harriet johansson 2 years ago

    Sensible people are adapting, by wearing masks, social distancing and appropriate hygiene. Adapting means to change your behaviours in order to survive. Just going about as normal during a pandemic is not adaptation, it is what less intelligent creatures do before they become extinct. Humans survive because we can adapt.

  • Nick Broomhall 2 years ago

    Anyone decide or figure out what Obamagate is yet?
    Lol hahaha Trump’s single handedly the dumbest in the History of History!!!

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    Exactly – and while their adapting to the COVID-19 crisis they can look for another job – you know – TRY SOMETHIG NEW!! That’ll do it! (I’m being sarcastic in case you can’t feel my words) 🙂

  • Raymond Mahany 2 years ago

    Thank you, Seth. Thank You.

  • Mitt Stehelin 2 years ago

    My wife and I agree the “erectile college” pun was good.

  • Steve Angello 2 years ago

    Oh yeah! It’s not the seconded outbreak, it’s still the first one lol people are stupid and want life to go their way. It’s the way it is. Stay in side and wear mask. Think of everyone but yourself


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